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My Journey

My Journey, by Lidia Rozmus (Evanston, Ill.: Deep North Press, 2004). Haibun, haiku, photographs, sumi-e, and book design by the author. 48 accordion-fold pages in a custom slipcase; hand assembled. 4.25 x 8.5 card stock. ISBN: 1-929116-13-6. $25.00.


This is my journey into time and space, to the deep north and south, the west and the east. It is about memories of the kind htat we all capture through our senses, the special things that have happened in my childhood, my youth, and my adult life. Sometimes I am not sure if the memories are real; maybe they’re mixed with stories told by my mother, father sister, or friends. Sometimes they flash back for a second or two; sometimes they’re with me all night long in my dreams. These memories are all that I know; they made me. Why am I writing about my journey? I think that my life has been fortunate. I have met wonderful people and experience many different places and even different worlds. Some of them I call home, not because they are exceptionally beautiful or renowned, but simply because they have deep meaning for me. I am also grateful for this moment, when I am here with you to participate in all these events and share a unique journey together.


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