Haiku to Edit 1 Alternatives

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2020

pool of secrets
confidence in the air
a big relief


calming forest
dancing tree show
goofing off friends

goofing off with friends
a light show through
the trees

ocean breeze
waves breaking
at echoes of summer laughter

ocean breeze
waves breaking
sun kissed smiles linger

ocean breeze
summer waves

ocean breeze
waves breaking
with laughter

ocean waves . . . breaking
a summer breeze
echoes of laughter

ocean waves
a breath of wind
echoes laughter

ocean waves
echoes of her laughter
on the breeze

flailing arms
grandma’s homemade cookies
doggy paddle to stay afloat

doggy paddle
the only stroke
grandma knows

swimming lesson
grandma dog paddles
to stay afloat

muddy toes
tug of a fishing pole
waves crashing against the hollow boat

muddy toes
tug of a fishing pole
waves against the hollow boat


friday nights
lights are shining
set, hike

Friday night
under the lights
set, hike

Friday night lights

along the shore
we ran
grasping at the seashells

we race
along the shore
dodging seashells





night life
party scene

bookworm's party
a cozy
cashmere blanket

nightclub lights
the bookworm escapes
to a muted alcove

squinting at everyone
at the party

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.