Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2020

open the curtains
the season changed
so did you


a flag
whistling through the air
no hands to steady it

sparks flying high
marshmallows blackened
the laughter

quiet as a whisper
he left


newborn baby

summer time
cool breeze driving
with the top off

cool summer night
mason jars illuminating
crackling wood


soaked clothes
snowflakes swirling down
on a magical top hat

moon hidden,
the streetlights

campfire of youth
ages gracefully to weeds
ash and smoke


perspective or truth
or yours

one child
with only chalk
creates a world of fun

out he came
she answers with


familiar smooth cracks
my fingers
glide along the wall

a house
with the lord
yet no son(shine)

cars rushing by
a jar full of change
small plastic cups filled to the brim


hopscotch board
on the sidewalk
my own rules to the game

a fatherless child
lots of love and gifts
a group to support her

thick July heat
I stop to admire
the woods around me


long day of work
comes to a close
a float trip

boredom strikes
Madden 20

kayak passing over
the lilies
a whispered complaint


submerged fingertips
in the cold lake current
dancing dragonflies

hurtful words
hits that hurt
a good girl gone bad

dirty hands
tight woven basket
smell of fresh strawberries


a Christmas vibe
and a hard knock life
a gift from God

religious mother
a religious child
filled with questions

bright light
the myths and legends


teenage troops
scar a tree
carve our hearts

laces are strapped
ready, wrestle

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.