Haiku Kukai 4

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2020

walking past
I notice a statue
pigeon poop?


wind beaten trees
snow drifts . . .
stuck again

split pine log
madly scurrying ants carry
the eggs to safety

midnight sun
reflecting on the water
a stream carries my doubts 


a lone cherry tree
in a field of lavender lilacs
she lets his ashes fly

animals flee
under the smoky sky
soothing scorched earth

glass angel
who lost its wings
my abuelita


purple wishes
interstellar medium
a star was born

autumn leaves
moon dance
we like it here

cracked teacup
still holds
memories of her


feathers glide through the air
gasp . . .

black and blue
dissonant tones
get the message?

all alone
no one to play with


the wrinkly woman
speaks . . .
with wisdom

swaying grass
distant secrets
left in the past

the old pot
the old spoon
the child’s favorite toy


frost bitten fingers
no one in sight
car trouble

breezy night
people dressed
causing a fright

blue skin
with help he sits up to sip
noodle soup


a vampire
a wolf
one girl

the yellow road
I follow
for one wish

blue angel
Purple Rain
he's here . . . for YOU


alone in the universe
a fallen angel

filled with rust
a lot of memories
on grandma's swing

reels cast
flies biting
he sits with his thoughts


twigs snap
the soil gives
tornado siren

wolves in the zoo
pacing back and forth
snow white

8 legs
million eyes
her glorious creation glistens


sun kissed flowers
sunflowers blowing
in the wind

winding dirt road
we follow

corner of the north pasture
little brother finds
a rusty horseshoe


her raccoon eyes
she believes in him
to mend her broken heart

gentle flapping
of the butterfly
can’t reach the sun

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.