Haiku Kukai 5

Global Haiku • Millikin University • January 2020

peeled open
the smell
of Florida


just enough breeze
to sway the chimes
singing me back to sleep

a quiet home
2 chairs

my heart broken
if only . . . someone
could repair it


a dog's curious mind
licks up the morning dew
on each blade of grass

moonlight shining
casting a shadow on a tree
a stream running

hidden by snowflakes
a dandelion peeks out
to see another day


my shoelace untied
I trip
and fall for you

the glass slipper
fits me perfectly

thunder claps
as cattle scatter
rain beats the grass


gentle waves
slap the shore
midday sun

out of breath . . .
the round lady
on the stairwell

the dumpster
a fire
that lights the allyway


a heart
dancing to the tune
of Cocytus

pounding of hooves
across black dirt
gunshots . . .

my first love
my only passion
soccer in my veins


salty drips of sweat
touch my lips
burns my eyes

wooden planks
carries people
to a world of green

light touches
hard hits
sweat pours down my body


the man on the corner

a beach of memories
at night
I walk with the moon

corny pick up lines
I laugh
he’s funny—I love it


last afternoon
my hammock
rocking in the breeze

wind scatters
helpless snowflakes
across the damp ground

shooting star
make a wish


all is quiet
the mailman comes

a tree
chopped down
adorns my living room

bedtime songs
a kiss goodnight
a college girl misses her father


red tail squirrels
wind on the other side
of the tree

Dante's inferno
to the lone wolf

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.