Global Haiku • January 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brendan Menacher

Midday Sun

Brendan Menacher

Midday Sun is a collection of haiku that brings nature to the forefront of American style haiku writing. Nature and the many things in it, are largely the inspiration for the haiku that are in this collection. The peaceful, yet wildly visual imagery that nature can bring to haiku allows for the imagination to run rampant, allowing for more enjoyment from the reading. Growing up as an outdoorsman ultimately shaped the way I write haiku, as the concept was relatively foreign to me before the start of this class. Haiku has become a therapeutic way for myself, as well as others, to write about daily life.


careful steps
on creaky floors
mom can’t know

paint the rusted truck
the house is quiet

family gathers
the arguments pass
like floating leaves

reels cast
flies biting
he sits with his thoughts

last afternoon
my hammock
rocking in the breeze

weights clang together
chalk fills the air . . .
leg day


gentle waves
slap the shore
midday sun

shifting gears
the car sputters . . .
out of gas

snow covered headstones
dull winter sky
the hearse pulls away

boots tied
rucksacks packed
another country

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