Global Haiku • January 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lucy Koger

A Whimsical Life

Lucy Koger

Soccer has engulfed my life and shaped who I am for the past 16 years. There’s a moment and a feeling I get every Time I step out on the field that I’ve never found anywhere else. The rush of the game and the thunder of the stands creates a storm in my heart that I’ll never forget. It truly is my one love and my passion. I wish I could play my entire life but I’ve taken it as far as I could and knowing that it’s over is hard but remembering the old times is beautiful. I want to write my haikus about the good and the bad of it. It wasn’t always perfect and easy, it actually was pretty hard and knocked me down a couple times but my love for the game kept me going. I want to share my experiences and my passion through the choice of word. Explain to my audience what it was like but also let them experience it, in their own way but using good word choice and trying to be relatable. Opening up their minds to a new world I found a home in 16 years ago.


light touches
hard hits
sweat pours down my body

salty drips of sweat
touch my lips
burns my eyes

2 posts
1 horizontal bar
one chance to win

laces faced in
locked ankle
perfect upper 90 shot

soaked clothes
snowflakes falling down
on a magical hat

running 10 miles
seems like nothing
playing the game you love

true love . . .
fat burritos

a dog's curious mind
licks up the morning dew
on each blade of grass

a lone cherry tree
in a field of lavender lilacs
she lets his ashes fly

midnight sun
reflecting on the water
a stream carries my doubts

her raccoon eyes
she believes in him
to mend her broken heart

white lilies
a long road
to the gravestone

narcoleptic roommate
beer soaked and stained
college couch

green juice
raw eggs
trying not to vomit

kayak passing over
the lilies
a whispered complaint

clock ticking down
tearful sigh
newly retired athlete

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