Global Haiku • January 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tristan Gammell


Tristan Gammell

Haiku was never my first choice when writing poetry. I, in fact, have not written haiku since my sophomore year of high school. I remember enjoying haiku in high school. When I joined this class, a little bit of that excitement came back. I realized that I will be able to use my theatre skills to help me understand haiku in a different way. Theatre helped me to find different ways to interpret each haiku, making it all the more interesting.

I try to have a deeper meaning inside all my haiku. I reflect on the meaning of life and what makes life worth living. Those are the things that inspire me to write. The beauty of my surroundings has been my inspiration for most of my haikus. I love to look at nature as the world’s best designer and artist. All forms of life in light and shadow are what inspire me to write and create art. Nature inspires me to follow its path.


my life
still someone's

rabbit hole
self love
a paradox

alone in the universe
a fallen angel

shooting star
make a wish

cloudy mind
I have to
stand tall

open window
two worlds

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