Global Haiku Tradition--Tan-Renga 2019


a solemn judge
fresh ink on the page
her sigh of relief

her dad's prayers heard
sole custody

by Jennifer Dial & Alison Kite


irish whiskey
an all nighter

the Ramones
all I need for company

by Jennifer Dial & Alison Kite


bonding over the violence
ripping out the guts
pumpkin carving

brown sugar and salt
for the seeds

by Alison Kite & Jennifer Dial


thoughtless words
a bouquet of flowers
to hide the wounds

roses fill the room
hidden thorns

by Jeremiah Curry & Jennifer Dial


3 second flash 
broken glass 

smiles last an eternity 
good times roll

by Alison Kite & Jeremiah Curry



blue eyes 
i could swim forever 

drowning wouldn't be
such a bad thing 

by Jennifer Dial & Jeremiah Curry






© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.