Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2019

snap chat
3 second flash of my past
broken glass

deployment date
a seashell to
remember me by

a solemn judge
fresh ink on the page
her sigh of relief

knock at the door
it was my officer . . . this time

blue eyes
I could swim forever

she holds the ruby
for everyone to see

El Rodeo
we digest the sermon
with a jumbo margarita

flooded bridge
a night full of jokes
on the way to the ER

the man behind the mask
comes to light

the warmth of the sun
bugs on corn silk
the warmth of her laugh

    princess launch
    her giggle
    from the quickening kayak

red roses
on a mahogany casket
my innocence is lowered into the ground

opening up to me
her black-eyed

the secret
flower tattoo
she no longer must wait

my childhood
wishing i made that wish

thoughtless words
a bouquet of flowers
to hide the wounds

sunglasses on her head
in church
bangs just like her Mom

endless war
seventh inning stretch
for a Purple Heart

road meets sky
the moon illuminates
the wet road

blue car
I could listen to her
warm laugh forever

wagging tail and sloppy kisses
my best friend
greets me

on a cold raining night
carrying my brother

a long ride prolonged
by ominous weather

red hot faces
of the grandkids
strawberry chins

dogs barking
no end in sight
forgot to feed them

new shirt
white strands all over
dog's blanket

years ago
his green bed sheets
fire and gasoline

your floral chair

Irish whiskey
an all-nighter

dress blues
next to the seashell
his daughter found

freshly fallen snow
the only thing i was gifted

snow falls outside
dad and i build
an igloo

record snow
Gloria Davis does not

warm summer night
laying by the pond
listen to the crickets

summer night
needles by the curb

in the summer sun
his uniform dries
every stain has a name

crunchy leaves
beneath deer hooves
i draw my arrow

start of school
finding gray hairs
in chemistry class

bonding over the violence
ripping out the guts
pumpkin carving

starting the garden
black eyed susans
never ask for help

walking to the game
Dad lets me ride
on his shoulders

hammock swaying
i hear Dad making dinner

vest hits the floor
snow tracked down the hall
she didn't make it

three glasses of wine
Christmas Eve
field sobriety in the snow

extreme heat
lap dance on the bronze man
meth . . . not even once

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.