Haiku Kukai 2 - Matched Pairs

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2019

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cold wet nose
on my cheek
the sun rises

he smiles 
someone so little 
can make an impact so big  

I wish I were like you
tall & strong

as we begin to age
his words ring in my ear
once again . . . father was right



son of a bi---
the phantom parental backhand

poor timing 
got the best dad cup 
this morning 

moving back  
to feel more wanted 
mom's house

i think it can work 
if he will let it



little giggles
fill the room . . .
right hand blue

dad finds a rubber glove
he puts it on his head
to make me laugh

orange couch
the fire between us
brightly burns

chemical reaction
it always burns so passionately
. . . but it burns



I think I love  

green bed sheets
I hope she leaves the scent you like

the rope broke 
today I got the best 
news ever

hole in the drywall
silence is deafening
moving out my memories



demons come crawling
lies within her ear
she fights to let him love her

white hospital walls
just a number, never a name
no one ever came

i pretend it's you

one last push
I can’t say no



crushed metal
smoke fills my nose
involuntary screams

cold night
hands battered by war
she protects him as he sleeps

the hangover fades
my thoughts begin to clear
you ain’t shit anyways . . .

slow sunday morning
dodging bacon grease
like our responsibilities



money isn’t everything  
to a poor person 

Starbucks line
caffeine withdrawal
getting the shakes

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.