Haiku Kukai 05 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Summer 2020


sunwarmed waves
isolating each
of my aches


biking around the neighborhood
unrecognizable street signs
the thunder starts


meeting the family
so many names to remember
gaining approval

Samantha Wahl

Starting off a relationship is difficult because you have to gain the trust of all their family members. This takes me back to the first time if had to do this it was scary and something I wouldn't want to do again. I imagine this guy meeting his partners family for the first time and he is nervous that he might forget all of their names. You only get one change to make a good impression of yourself and you can't ruin it. Riley Sawin

This at some point will happen to someone who is dating for the first time and is invited over to “meet” the family which can be very intimidating. I remember the first time meeting my girlfriend's parents, I swear I was the most nervous person on the planet at that time, but as time went along I really enjoyed my presents of being around them. Logan Allsup

I like this haiku because every person goes through this stage and it is so scary. Once you find a new significant other and you meet their family there is nothing more nerve wrecking. This is a feeling everyone can relate to you want the approval so badly but are so nervous you have a hard time knowing what is actually going on. Liz Shipman

This haiku reminds me of the first time my husband met my family. It was a 4th of July party at my brother's house. Both sides of my extended family were there. When I introduced him, they all had to bombard him with questions. I could tell they were all very excited and he gained the approval of my grandma right away which was so important to me. My husband still talks about how nervous he was that day. By the end of the night, we were all having a blast as he fit in like a missing puzzle piece. Anna Ernst


salty kisses
the finish line

Sheila Jackman


winter bride
she runs
to her groom

Sheila Jackman


my waist grows
they say i'm beautiful
where are the others like me

Ally Banks

I think it's relatable to so many people out there. It's hard to take compliments when you don't believe them yourself. I think it shows us that just because there is no one else out there who looks like you, this doesn't mean you are not beautiful. Uniqueness is beauty. Samantha Wahl

This haiku takes me back to high school. I have always struggled with my weight and often felt left out when it came to athletic events. My friends and family always told me I have a pretty face, but that just felt like a back-handed compliment of looking past my weight. All you seen on TV or in magazines were women who looked nothing like you. It was often a lonely time in my life. Anna Ernst


something in my eye
he moves in
for a kiss

Sheila Jackman

This reminds me of a time when you are so excited to go on a first date with someone and then something ruins it. In this haiku I see a girl excited to go on a first date with a guy she has been talking to. They go to dinner and have a great time. When it's time to go he goes in for a kiss and she swipes at him not knowing his intentions because a bug is near her eye. The guy is upset and the date feels ruined. Delaney Manning


the little man jumps
in her tummy
. . . hiccup!

Ally Banks


laying in bed
your head on my shoulder
time stands still

Ally Banks


water splashing
kids jumping off the diving board
four more laps


the first date
she looks her absolute best
little does he know

Samantha Wahl


rocking on the porch
on this sunny day
cloud in my drink


sweat dripping
wanting to give up
the run goes on

Samantha Wahl

This haiku reminds me of many things. In a literal sense, this piece portrays me in the gym: never wanting to be there but having to. I have bad knees and have had both knees surgically repaired, so running isn't my favorite, nor can I run for very long. Metaphorically, this haiku reminds me of being at work. I'm a server, so even though I don't technically run around, it sure does feel like it. I'm dripping sweat, carrying hot food and heavy trays from kitchen to table. I want to just sit in the cooler and drink water, but I must pull through my exhaustion and make that money. Ariana Mergler

This haiku makes me want to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement. Although it has been a few years since I have run, I still feel the attraction to do so. To me, there is no better workout than a good run. The physical aspect is undeniable; the body in motion moving forward in rhythm with the lungs. Then, there is the mental battle that must be fought. “I can't make it” comes to mind, but with a little self speak, you gain the courage to press on. Running is the perfect storm of mental and physical exercise. A little sweat and sheer determination get the job done. Sheila Jackman


he is perfect
he is mine
dirty socks

Robin Hodge

This haiku made me laugh a bit. At some point, every couple has that honeymoon phase where everything is “perfect” in their eyes. But then comes a point where you get aggravated every once in a while, by some of the things the other does. In this instance the girl is getting tired of seeing the boy's dirty socks. Logan Allsup

It reminds me of how relationships aren't perfect. Yes, dirty socks can seem silly, but when you live with someone, you really get to know every habit they have. This could include leaving dirty socks places. However, they start the beginning making it known, this person is theirs and they will except them for who they are. Samantha Wahl


I would love
a drink
fake phone number

Robin Hodge


mother and daughter
argue about clothes
sound cancelling headphones

Logan Allsup

Wow, does this haiku blast me back into my childhood! My mom and my sister have always had a rocky relationship. They fought constantly, and still do to this day. I would always hear them arguing from my room. Trying to do homework or have time to myself before my next rehearsal, I would plug my ears with headphones and listen away. I'd be in my own little world, and I wouldn't have to hear what minor inconvenience caused this hour's tension. Ariana Mergler


after the rain
my sister jumps into
reflections of herself


legs crossed
sitting on top of a rock
eyes shut

Riley Sawin


at the grocery store
so many

Logan Allsup


blooming into something

Riley Sawin


doves flying
side by side
they go


heated argument
at the dinner table
I lost my appetite

Holly Schmidt


my momma
misses her momma
lit cigarette

Holly Schmidt


through the trees
by myself
running slow

Liz Shipman


on the treadmill
straight ahead
my reflection

Liz Shipman


high school sweethearts
ends in college
for the better

Liz Shipman

This haiku represents a lot of people's relationship in high school. Long distance is tough and it's hard for people to make it through without breaking up. I picture this couple was together all the way through high school and once they both reached college, they came to an agreement to end things so they both can live their college life. Although it might be hard doing what is best for yourself will make you happy in the end. Riley Sawin


drive thru
his hand on my thigh
summer night

Holly Schmidt

This haiku makes me smile from ear to ear. It reminds me of when my boyfriend comes to visit. We have a long-distance relationship, so it's always a treat when we get to see each other. Many nights, we are up late talking, maybe sharing a glass of wine, and decide we want food. I love feeling the warmth of his hand on my bare skin. He always brings good energy wherever he goes. He gives me a sense of peace. He is over 6 feet tall and plays football, so I call him my “gentle giant.” Ariana Mergler


getting ahead
one payment at a time
flat tire

Robin Hodge

In this haiku I imagine paying my car payments and one month I have extra money from working so I go ahead and pay another. Then my luck the next day I get a flat tire and can't afford to get it fixed because I just used my extra money to pay another payment. Liz Shipman

I think we can all relate to this. Just when it seems like everything is going right and saving money is going great, something like this always seems to happen. It almost makes you laugh because of how this seems to be a pretty consistent occurrence. I guess it can show you, you have ti get ahead for times like these. Samantha Wahl


when you wish upon a
the city of dreams


my mask hides
my unmoving mouth
at her funeral

Ally Banks


radio static
their living room
becomes the dancefloor

Ally Banks


keeping track
of my points
delicious glass of wine

Robin Hodge

This haiku makes me think of someone who is on the Weight Watchers diet, keeping track of points, trying to stay below that number so they can lose weight. I have never personally done this diet plan but I can only imagine the urge to have something really tasty, like a glass of wine, calculating it first, then making the points work around it. At the end of the day, that sweet victory tastes better when you know that you have stayed within your limit. Anna Ernst


recklessly my heart
on the line
one knee down

Delaney Manning


lift me up
in prayer
and pass me another beer

Robin Hodge

I like this haiku as I am religious and I know times can get challenging. I pray that God will lift me up and guide me. Although, at the same time I just want to take the ease off life and have a cold drink. This haiku reminds me of those times. Delaney Manning


needles felt
her name
etched into my skin

Delaney Manning

I am a fan of tattoos. I have several myself and plan on getting a lot more. So, of course this poem attracted me. It makes me feel as though I am back in the tattoo chair, feeling the prick of needles entering my skin. The needles scratch the skin as though someone is cutting a design into you. It's exhilarating. Tristan Birt


twelve dead roses
sit on the desk
bourbon to the left

Delaney Manning


drinking alone
my lies
remain hidden

Anna Ernst


game night
cat paws
under the table

Anna Ernst


headphones in,
music on . . .
avoid judgment


Indie music
in my head
legs like Play-Doh


in the zone
tunnel vision
must. complete. workout.

Arianna Mergle


closed blinds
cover hidden secrets


sweet side
salty side
you get both

Robin Hodge

In this haiku I imagine getting to know someone and you only showing your sweet side at first then you show your salty side. That person gets the best of both worlds when it comes to my personality whether they like it or not. Liz Shipman

This haiku is fun as it recognizes the bad and good in a relationship. Not everyone is happy all the time and in a long term relationship you get to see those bad days just as much as the good ones. I know I can be sweet somedays and crabby the next day. Love takes patience and everyone should be aware you get both when loving someone. Delaney Manning


carefree and independent
she finds herself
with a family


sweet summer wine
red-stained lips
breath of honesty

Anna Ernst

This haiku makes me laugh. When people drink wine, it has a very distinct smell and you can tell it from any other alcohol beverage. People tend to get drunk and they speak the trust about whatever is going on in their head. It makes for good conversation with people around you because you are more outgoing and willing to talk. Riley Sawin


clear my mind
breath released tension
child's pose

Anna Ernst


door to door
cookie trays at Christmas
sitting alone at the funeral

Robin Hodge


I drive by
my house, my neighborhood
no longer on my bik

Robin Hodge


mirror reflection
just me and you
no one else

Riley Sawin


dressed pretty
loud music
filling my ears

Riley Sawin

This haiku makes me think of high school dances. The fun part of going to the dance was getting all dolled up with your friends, shopping for the dress, and taking pictures. I always remember feeling underwhelmed once I made it to the actual dance. It was always in the decorated cafeteria and the music was sooooo loud and non-stop bass pounding in my ears. I think that this haiku uses juxtaposition well. I can clearly see the beautiful dresses, makeup, and hairdos alongside the loud rap and rock music. Ally Banks


going to church
going home
same country road

Robin Hodge


farm house
three kids playing in the yard

Holly Schmidt

I imagine a family going outside after dinner with full stomachs playing a game of kickball with each other. A farm house in this situation is a perfect way to view this haiku. Farm houses are such beautiful creations, you get to spend a lot of time with the family which is an awesome feeling. Logan Allsup


I miss you text
lights up my phone
deleted number

Holly Schmidt


whirlwind howls
in the eye
I find my mind


just friends
she wants more
than benefits

Holly Schmidt


eighteen sunrises
one-legged king pigeon
my hip still clicks


both aching arms
no wasted effort
in homemade wheat bread

Kathryn Bouxsein

This Haiku is relating to a passion of mine. Baking. Baking is such good therapy. The first line-both aching arms- tells me that these arms are getting tired. They can feel their muscles tiring. The second line- no wasted effort- this line tells me these arms are working hard and have determination to do this right. They are in the moment and kneading the dough. Whatever it takes. The third line- in homemade wheat bread- for some reason takes me to Yoder's Kitchen in Arthur. I can see a beautiful and strong Amish woman, with her aching arms working so hard and pulling her homemade wheat bread fresh out of the oven. The aroma fills the air and the air smells delicious. The best smell in the world, as far as I am concerned. I would love to have their Amish homemade peanut butter as well. Oh my goodness, it is so delicious. My husband and I always go to Yoder's Kitchen every year, after we get our taxes done in Arthur. We both really look forward to this night and this delicious meal, prepared by the Amish. Also, I would like to end my response by telling you I will be baking banana bread tonight. This is what I am famous for. I can already smell it. So delicious and sweet. Robin Hodge


swiping left
The Office
is not a personality trait

Ally Banks


hide-n-go seek
my heart
counts to ten

Ally Banks


day in the life
barking at people
waiting for the family

Logan Allsup

I love this haiku because it takes me back to all the times I have said I wanted to live a dog's life. I imagine an older yellow lab that is loved by anyone who meets him. His family adores him and misses him every second they are away. Today is one of those days where the parents are working and the kids are at school. The dog naps in the sun that shines in from the living room window. He hears a car pull in the driveway. He jumps up, his tail starts to wag forcefully, and he barks with pure joy. Finally, his humans are home! Holly Schmidt


warm stage lights
my first kiss
has an audience

Ally Banks

I was actually having a conversation with my girlfriend about theatre majors at the time that I came across this. A lot of young women and men go into the theatre realm at a young age. Of course scripts filter based on age, but not usually when it comes to kissing. So I can imagine a young girl around the age of twelve, being the star role for a play. There is a big kissing scene that they have put off during practice due to the shyness of the two stars. Then on the night of the show, she must fully run the script and do the big kissing scene. Nervous and starting to sweat already, the young lady leans in for her first kiss in front of everyone. All thus while the spotlight beams upon their skin like the hot summer sun. Tristan Birt


waking up early
dad pours his coffee
time to hit the road


i heard no music
until the music was you
all love songs are true

Logan Allsup


country music
friends forever

Liz Shipman

Country music and summer days, what more is there to say? This is my happy spot. It makes me visualize sitting on a boat with my friends, cold beer in hand. We are all laughing and having a good time, doing what we do every weekend when the work week finally sets us free for a couple day reward. Country music is blaring on the speakers while we scream and shout the lyrics. These are the type of days I know I will want to cherish forever and the type of friends the will last a lifetime. Tristan Birt


hometown bar
looking around
who am I


men are trash
block his ass
you can do better

Logan Allsup

I love this haiku! It's both funny but also endearing. The voice of this haiku reminds me of when my friends and I are talking about some guy who has done one of us wrong and we're all aggressively urging one another to cut the boy loose. The first two lines feel like two different friends each putting in their two-cents as to what their friend should do when a boy is playing games with her. I love the third line because it's both endearing and it is something I find myself telling my friends all the time. It's so hard to watch someone you love put themselves in a relationship with someone who doesn't treat them well. You just want your friend to see the guy from your point of view and let him go. Ally Banks

I love this haiku because I feel like it's a text message from my best friend. I imagine a teenage girl who just ranted on and on about her boyfriend to her closest girl friend. Her best friend has always struggled with boys and has never had a real relationship. She responds with the words of the haiku. The friend who received the message laughs at the response, but doesn't actually block the boy. It's a never-ending cycle of ranting to your best friend, getting their advice, but never actually taking it. Holly Schmidt


sitting outside
a Cardinal joins me
hi Grandma

Holly Schmidt


beautiful day
at my grandma's grave
we share lunch

Holly Schmidt


curved spines
all in one row
heaven isn't so far

Delaney Manning


good book
somewhere on a beach
I'm dreaming

Holly Schmidt

This haiku takes me to my happy place. I am an avid reader and this summer especially, books have been my main “vacation”, taking me to places I wish I could be. I read this haiku in two different ways. The first is that the good book has pulled you in and you feel like you're on the beach, dreaming and going on adventures with the characters in the book. I love this interpretation because it is the best feeling to be totally immersed in a story. The second way I read this is literally sitting on the beach and reading a book. Reading under the sunshine is one of my favorite things and I instantly get the image and feeling of total relaxation. All in all, I like both scenarios that could be described in this haiku. Ally Banks


stomach in knots
a text message
Can we talk?

Delaney Manning


ball bounces
off the roof
into the swimming pool


silver anniversary
just married
like it was yesterday


freshly baked bread

Sheila Jackman

This Haiku is beautiful. It portrays a very meaningful part of life to me. I am a Christian with an unbreakable faith. Because of that, I look at this Haiku in a beautiful light. It gives me a special peace in my heart. That I feel everyone is looking for. The first line- freshly baked bread- this tells me exactly that freshly baked bread is the main image. It puts a special emphasis on the freshly baked bread at the very beginning. I am automatically connecting it to a very special purpose for the freshly baked bread. The second line- broken- I get a strong visualization of torn and broken pieces of the freshly baked bread placed on a golden plate. Someone is standing there and holding up this golden plate of freshly baked bread torn and broken into pieces for me. This person is speaking a small prayer over me, as I choose a torn and broken piece of bread. I close my eyes and raise it to my lips. This is for you my Jesus. I pray with my eyes closed and thank you Jesus, for dying on the cross and loving me as your child. The third line- together- I see that I am with my church family. And, we are broken souls, together at communion. Amen. Robin Hodge


the smell of
strong Jack Daniel's
daddy's home


I open the door
seemed like a good gesture
slight smile


sprints stink
calf cramps start

Tristan Birt


my morning routine
his nightly antics
one world, two species

Tristan Birt


finding my center
of gravity was very hard
one leg squats


lap cat
I breathe with her

Kathryn Bouxsein


walk through meadows
picnic under a lonesome tree


marine life
visible with goggles
don't trust the jellyfish

Arianna Mergle

This Haiku is rejuvenating to me. It takes back to vacation in Key West when I saw the ocean for the first time ever a couple of years ago. The first line- marine life- not only is this my first time ever seeing the ocean. Well, I am snuba diving. I am going all the way into the ocean. This is happening. This is my life. I am very nervous, but I love to face my fears. Especially, as I get older. I force myself to get through this and not chicken out. I wonder what I will see. I am so curious what it will all look like. I am so curious how it will all feel. Obviously, I know I will see marine life. The second line- visible with goggles- I have so much gear on. It is not funny. Actually, I look hilarious. I know I am in safe hands. I know I am not breathing into my mouth device correctly, but I make my breathing my own. Through my goggles, I can not believe what I am seeing. I see amazing coral that I come close to touching with my big flippers. It made me nervous haha. I see all the beautiful fishies. I want to touch them, but I know I am not allowed. I am just glad I do not see a shark or something gigantic coming around. I am seeing all this with my own eyes and not on a screen. I am breathing super hard and fast, yet I am happy that I am still breathing and not passed out. My heart is like holy cow girl, you are literally 20 feet into the actual ocean. The third line- don't trust the jellyfish. The funny thing is, I know I saw a jellyfish. I saw a big bubble below me, and I knew right away I was looking at a jellyfish. It was stunning. I was more concerned about trusting my guide, as I was refusing to let go of his hand. Yes, I had help the whole time. I am just glad they did not give up on me and this was a chance of a lifetime. Guess what? I would do it again. Robin Hodge


Amazon delivery
the new swimsuit
too cheeky

Randy Brooks

I love the humor in this haiku. It's also very frustrating in the fact that not all females want to show off their booty while in a bathing suit. I feel the annoyance the author feels. I have to look on multiple websites to find cute, non-cheeky swimming suit bottoms to wear in front of family members. I don't like how popular cheeky bottoms have become because it makes it so much harder for girls like us, who don't want to wear thong bottoms, to find good coverage bottoms! Holly Schmidt


5 years
of endless homework—
lives to be saved

Arianna Mergler

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