Global Haiku • June 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Arianna Mergler



A Trip Inside Ari's Mind

Arianna Mergler

Writing haiku may take many forms for different people. Some authors have specific muses they use in order to write their poetry. Me, however, I write about basically whatever comes to mind in the moment. Part of the process is making those thoughts fit into a haiku format, as well as choosing the right words to use to make it sound a little more intelligent as well as make sense to the reader. Much of my writing over the course has been using people close to me, as well as my own self to begin the process. My niece, boyfriend, and terrible knees have been extremely popular, as you will read. I used to be dancer, so some haiku refer to my time as a competitor. Additionally. I like to write about things that could apply to all readers, even it if varies slightly. I like to be relatable, as it helps the reader connect with the piece. I also have used haiku to express my feelings, as some of my pieces have had a sad, lonely feel. Others, however, talk about Polar Pops and hating the gym. Enjoy!

weeks of isolation
not a single responsibility
until the e-mail


quarantine . . .
events cancelled
identities hidden


on the balcony
not a soul in sight
Mother Sun says goodnight


are all costumes packed?
the audience is waiting
for me to tell my story


cover it all
foundation, concealer, eyeshadow
they won’t see behind the mask


turn out, pull up
ribcage in
the judges will pick you apart


his chocolate skin
across my thighs
I’ve never felt such love



the life of a server:
is you’re good at your job
you do everyone else’s, too


to the gas station
what flavor Polar Pop?


hairless legs
against clean sheets
formed nest


5 years
of endless homework—
lives to be saved


© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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