Global Haiku • June 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Holly Schmidt




All the Feels

Holly Schmidt

This summer, I decided to take a summer course named “Global Haiku.” Little did I know how much of an impact it would hold on my life. In this set of haiku, I let go of some of my worst memories and tried to deliver a story to the audience.

My collection is titled “All the Feels” because of the different emotions put into my writing. All of my pieces are based off of important parts and people of my life that have impacted me into who I am today. I think basing my work off of past experiences, good and bad, have helped create an outlet for me to express held-in feelings and tell stories from my life. From living through my parent’s divorce, heart break, my grandma’s death and the corona virus world we live in now, my haikus portray a lot of pain, anger, and sadness. My goal was to recreate the emotions I felt, but also somehow create a story for the readers to expand on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and what it taught me—to be aware of all the feels and let them free.

dad’s house
every other weekend
Wii bowling tournament

heated argument
at the dinner table
I lost my appetite

dirty sink
I cry as I look out
the kitchen window

baby brother
scared at night
asleep on my floor

shattered glass
teary eyes
empty beer cans

rose petals
fall to the floor
he loves me not

just friends
she wants
more than benefits

I miss you text
lights up my phone
deleted number

drive thru
his hand on my thigh
summer night


beautiful day
at my grandma’s grave
we share lunch

necklace with our
zodiac sign
happy birthday Grandma

deceased grandma’s
I wear it to bed

my momma
misses her momma
lit cigarette

witness to a death
I don’t call for help
I simply press record

rioting and protesting
COVID-19 outbreak
land of the free

pay day
I need to pay the bills
broke again

an apple
falls from the tree
similar bruises



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