Global Haiku • June 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Liz Shipman




Summer Nights

Liz Shipman

This haiku collection is about the ups and downs of the summer season. This is why I titled it summer nights specifically because the nights of summer is where you learn your true self and learn more about your friends. Everyone always looks forward to summer to be with their friends and have fun outside. But this haiku collection isn’t just about the fun times everyone has during their summer season it is also about the lessons and hardships they have had to learn and go through. I included these specific haiku because they are specifically about summer nights and what I have been through and people I know have been through throughout the summer season.

neighborhood kids
whistle blows
the water is still


brown eyes
sweet smile
will I ever be the one


summer nights
smoke in the air
crushed cans


country song
holding hands
just another night


bikini season
boys like me
for the wrong reasons


on the treadmill
straight ahead
my reflection


third time's a charm
if finally seems right
too long


soda fizzing
diet coke
my favorite sound


finally working
I forgot
it sucks


red white & blue
fake flowers
walking through graves


same street
two friends
different sides of town


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