Global Haiku • June 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Robin Hodge





Lemon Shake Up: A Haiku Collection

Robin Hodge

I am extremely thankful for this class. I get back up every time I fall down in life. I am unstoppable. I will succeed. I used to write poetry while I was growing up. I have been able to revisit that part of m,e and I am eternally grateful for that. I know I have talent and enjoy it very much. While learning to write Haiku, I have been free to express myself in numerous ways. I have tapped into being positive, fed-up, disgusted, funny, blah, depressed, sinking, moody, angry at the World, depressed, inspired, motivated, cold, hot, genuine, and even the DARKNESS has creeped out in some of my Haiku. I love that. I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for this class.

shake up
and walk all day


only achieved
in a hot shower


petals unfolding
the dying rose
on her grave


he is perfect
he is mine
dirty socks


walking into Caseys
picking candy and snacks
card denied


the storms
will come
get used to it


silent snowflakes
going door to door
helping neighbors


Jones sodas
Mom says no more
sneakily opening the fridge


pizza pringle fingers
we lie on the boat laughing


fishing pole bends
reeling something in
a rusty beer can


sitting in pew listening
like I was told
tug on my long braid


so sweet
I lick
the bowl again


off the shellac


rowing by
rowing by
say hello to my dream home


break ups
are hard
all day in the pool


getting ahead
one payment at a time
flat tire


lift me up
in prayer
and pass me another beer


little boy
and his French fries
a day with Mommy


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