Global Haiku • June 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tristan Birt

Wrestling Season

Tristan Birt

I titled this “Wrestling Season” because it has been my life since I was three years old. The amount of pain, blood, sweat, tears and time that I have put into the sport is astounding. I have always had such an up and down relationship with the sport, although in the end, love for it always conquers. Within a wrestling season, so many experiences, friends, and problems come in and out of your life. The life of a wrestler during season is one that nobody quite understands. It is a complicated time that brings both positives and negatives. Through this collection, I feel as though I may be able to give a little insight. I decided that I was going to write new poems for this as I felt like there wasn’t enough of the same subject to collect from my previous poems. I also wanted to make this more meaningful to myself, which in turn provides better work for the readers.


This is dedicated to all of the young wrestlers who are growing through the sport. For the ones who find struggle and need to know that others have been through it and so can they. It is for the ones who find success and want others to share their success with. This is for those who don’t quite understand why we do what we do but are curious.

two pounds to go
fifteen already off
stomach moaning for food


everyone is asleep
my feet run while others dream
goals to be met


opponent slams you down
you get back up
opponent takes you down


your reason to fight
your reason to stand back up
finish on top


our nation's birthday
sparklers light up the sky


broken tradition
first time not celebrating you
nation's heart aches


children giggle
sliding down the inflatable slide
parents bank account slides too


walk through meadows
picnic under a lonesome tree


finding my center
of gravity was very hard
one leg squats



sprints stink
calf cramps start


I open the door
seemed like a good gesture
slight smile



this crooked walk
known as a gimp
God why this limp


© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.