Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2020

father isn't home

runny nose
numb hands
continuing to play in snow

snaps and creaks
fallen limbs
beneath my toes

perhaps the wonder
of a snow globe
lies in it’s mimicry of us

fighting and teasing
just to be met
with the sting of the cold

frozen lake
children play
in the dark

life is
a snow globe
I shook

mistletoe hangs above us
I looked at you
you look at me

stockings hang
while the fire blazes
I hear crackling

scrape slosh
taxi door
down the avenue

layer after layer
crunch crunch
winter walk in the woods

cozy comforter
next to the window
don’t make me leave

waking up in the morning
looking outside the window
the snow-covered roof

walking slowly
with cold hands in my pockets
footprints in the snow

as many branches as there are
in a tree
benches for squirrels

no one around
but me
and the snow

the season to be young
catching snowflakes
on a tongue

conversations end
backs have turned
footprints in the snow

peacefully standing
just the snow and me

an angel
a softness
falling into the ground

pale light
under the light pole
a new life

slush on the ground
as we drive

I sip my coffee

bundled up in layers
building a majestic snowman
snow soft as fur

mixed match
scarves and mittens
racing for the first snow

frost outlines
a child’s handprint
on the toy store window

the snowman stares
a little lower
than yesterday

cold and naked
a clouded mirror

long car ride
frosted windows
become sketchbooks

snowflakes fall
her brown hair
now white

carrot nose, top hat
twig arms
we call him frosty

after inch
snowed in

Christmas lights on
house quiet

hot chocolate
in bed
just because

gingerbread house
covered in frosting
gum drops

rosy cheeks
snot dripping
snowball fight

the snow shines
in his hair

icy sidewalks
on the way to class

wintry wind
a woman
walking with children

hair freezing
in the wind

can't feel
my hands
nor my heart

snow angel
crack kills

late for work
excavating my car again
after a long snow




a frail old man
beneath the underpass
shielded from the wind

children at war
angels lie dead
in the snow

three sets of tracks
lead under the porch
a family of . . . ?

bouncing white cubes 
floating in a brown sea
hot cocoa

snow day
an enormous smile 
a tired sigh

the fog is eere
and invites imagination
I venture on

people watch
as I sit and sip my coffee
I turn a new page

a friend from afar
her first snow

park place
dressed up
a winter wonderland

snuggled in my scarf with only eye holes

taking a moment
the earth slows
for snowflakes

the ice
falling for each other

how many times
do I have to say

chatter lingers
through the hallway
the final bell

sand between my toes
all stress gone
this last summer day

the light stretches
creasing the sheets
with warmth

going to college
tears in father's eyes
saying goodbye

he beat me to death
he gave me flowers
he beat me to death

no more vacation on the beach
no more waking up at 12pm
time for school

I've lost count
the number of times I think about you.

my hair falls
the water falls
feeling warm

the music fades
the crowds leave
I'm still dancing

fireflies bounce
a trampoline

a smooth jar of peanutbutter
a chunky jar of peanutbutter
jelly is jelly

tears fall on the pillow
dark room
time to take my pill

Valentine’s Day
movies and wine

Lincoln Logs and
Slim Jims

across the restaurant
our eyes connect
quickly returning to work

streetlights begin flickering
children running
to get home for dinner

tee it high
swinging hard
down the fairway

a train
alarms me
toss and turn

French music
my eyelids close
I drift into the song

books on a shelf
a puzzle
pick the right one

text phone
no answer

glass on an edge
teeter totter
I won't break

open, close, rub
adjustment is needed
nighttime eyes

ticking away
wasting time
folding someone else's clothes

with no strings

pencils sharpened
binders full
backpack zipped

an old roman numeral clock
lulls me to sleep

the stars
sparkle and shine
at dusk

little dog barks
sit. stay.

Patrick Swayze
dancing the pechanga

a box of tissues
and a bottle of wine
trying to forget his smell

crinkly paper
a kiss from far away

a split cast
a cherry lollipop
and fresh new arm

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.