Haiku Kukai 4

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2020

blink blink
the eyeshadow falls
smears on the pillow

my dream
can’t look in the mirror

one text
my everything

porch light
front door covered with moths
a portal to hell

she leaves for work
traveling on a highway
her daughter hopes she’ll come home

cool night
with friends at home
tacos and tequila

she questions her worth
more and more
with each not enough

car trip
after hours of driving
finally      the final destination

a picture
of two people
smiling . . . lies

cops on the corner
underage in the house
everyone out         ID?

his hands
around her neck
she cannot scream

she does not remember
he continues
the story

heart beats fast
she’s no longer
with us

unfamiliar city
a woman in pink
floats down in a bubble

cool breeze
through the window
my head on a pillow

when silence mocks
he eats the rude . . .
Hello Clarice

the baby cries
into the monitor.
no it's your turn

drifting down the stream
she screams!
fish between her feet

with my
de niro

dreams of becoming an actor
a contract with the devil

thud dud thud dud
the beat comes
from my chest

unknown faces
going to different places
headphones in

coming up the steps
longing for attention

nothing new to give,
I am
not enough.

moonlight sky
I sit in the grass
with my love

windows down
listening to music
wind blown hair

boarding first
who will i be with?

at a movie
chit chat
they glare us

end of the movie
the worst part 

stars shining bright
I wonder . .
what could go wrong?

90 degrees
the angle of our legs
and the temperature 

tree in the window 
the smell of snow

the crescent of
the moon
fumbling for the right word

fidgeting with
a little gold ring
indent on my finger

wide open highway
windows down
I taste the wind

ballet teacher 
peers down 
"your shoes are too big"

running late
shirt on backwards
I sprint to the first hole

one by one
she drops
the rose petals

steaming vegetables
I cook dinner
in my mother's pot

the buzz on my wrist
that you still don’t care

time moves slower
the steaming water
runs down my spine

store bought flowers
un bloomed
in the waiting room

the cold space
next to me.
where you used to lay








beads of sweat
running down her forehead
physical therapy

pop.. pop..
the boot glitters in the sun

sunglasses on . . .
cool guys don't look
at explosions

sticky fingers
a doughnut away
from finality

maroon jacket
a stranger
turned friend

don't open the door
don't open the door
she opens the door

packing for college
mom asks
do you want these measuring cups?

sweet potato chips

your greasy hand
slides into mine
buttered popcorn

in bed
asleep for the day

a tear rolling
into my popcorn
a little more salty

plucking raspberries
in the backyard
taste-test casualties

after the funeral
the long drive home
    our favorite song plays

boarding the coaster
the safety bar
wiggles slightly

I keep scrolling
why can't I move?
it's taken over

cherry blossom petals
on a necklaceĀ of wind

stench of decay
a trail of ants
leads to the body

just take a step
don't take it!

water boiling
red pot
Ramen noodles on the counter

running through the halls
    the family portrait
      now slightly crooked

as I climb
high above
my heart d

cloudy sky
a soggy, black glove
lost on the ground

my family name
carved in stone
above the newly dug plot

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.