Haiku Kukai 5

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2020


sweatpants grasping my hips
sweatshirt hugging my shoulders
we dance

community garden
among the budding plants
paper windmills

spring morning
disco lights
through his tree

like shingles on a roof
together and sturdy
we wait for the storm

basement cupboard
our childhood hideaway
          I bump my head

on the stairs
I hold back tears

a crescent shape on the floor
almost stepped on

laundry taken down
sparrows perch
on the clothesline

spring cleaning
her father's memories
disposed of

mint tea
fresh from the garden
would you like a spot?

days like these
I walk a little slower
to see your beauty

shabby haircuts
crying nights
a life together

clovers and dandelions . . .
but where is the    best

to my side
a furry friend
never leaves

I’m sorry
my black eye
looks back at you

grab my hand
said the sun
I’ll show you something

whirling my hair
with the wind
I can’t see where I’m going

I thought you were
a shooting star

a shady trail
my foot prints
in the puddles behind me

the smell of spring
in the first rain
from bed

midnight headlights
with the windows down—

a cool spring night
on a tailgate
a drive-in movie

spring breeze
plants sway
waving hello

the smell of cigarettes
in our grey sheets—
I don’t smoke

red blanket
on fresh green grass
the feast begins

smell of the sea
a gleaming sea shell
in the white sand

alone by the fire
you lay next to him
and think of me

tiny coffeeshop
the HELP WANTED sign
      faded from sunlight

the sun comes out
warmth reflecting
off my face

a breath of fresh air
out of my

spring weather
we walk through the park
catching Pokémon

step by step
a neverending trail
I move forward

packing away
the crumbs
ants in a line

sitting on the swing
the lonely creak
of the one next to me

would you love me less?
if you knew . . .
the damage

stretching through
the roots
I awaken

hugging the trunk
my eyes climb to
the tallest branch

in the basket
stealing my PB&J

newly hatched birds
causing the mothers to

we march forward
one by one
to climb Mt. Picnic Basket





for a text . . .
no new messages

making my way through the hood
looking good
wish a . . . would try me

red and white checkers
us and the grass

lonely night
I sit in silence . . .
thinking about him

it’s spring
fly a kite
or take flight

sweaty and itchy
in my Easter dress
I bow my head

under the tree
shade our picnic table
drinks in a cooler

spring rain
will I ever be happy

picnic blanket
on the wet grass
soggy bottoms

windows down
nowhere to go
empty passenger seat

your eyes meet mine
in the cold air of December
have you made up your mind

talking through other people    I can't look at you

he's gone
he left
is it a running through the airport kind of love?

met a man
who puts me first
I don’t know what to do

delicately made
a home
for Charlotte

freedom at last
we leave our coats

we used to hold hands
and now
we can’t go back

staring in the mirror
she takes off
the necklace he gave her

bike path
a long walk and talk
. . . with mother

telling me lies
as you look me in the face
fake love

old box
I sweep off the dust
and open memories of us

the ball . . .
flies off the bat

scrolling through old messages
I blame
. . . myself

his leash
keeps tugging me
to walk the path

iced tea
on this white porch
squirt gun!

homework on the porch
my cat peeks
out the glass door

break up
2 years later . . .
you call me

wedding day photos
the garbage collector
wonders why

park fountain
shimmering at the bottom
a child’s wish

next to you
so alone
holding your hand

he left . . .
the wilting tulip
nourished back to life

Page Avenue
the green steps
of Grandma's house

random chapstick
found in forgotten jeans
little treasures

stick on moons
a galaxy
not so far away

highschool sweethearts
he cheats
and she forgives . . . again

never lost a family member
until today . . .
How do I grieve?

geese and ducks
at the park pond

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.