Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Breanna Johnson

An Ode to Embracement

Breanna Johnson

My life has been enriched through the learning of haiku because I have been able to connect to so many different types of haiku that my peers wrote this past semester. Whether they wrote them in funny, serious, loving, or sad context, I was able to picture myself within each haiku. I was able to feel, smell, touch, and question the writing.

The art of haiku has taught me to embrace all that is going on around you. Take in even the silent moments because art can be created in that silence. It has allowed me to truly stop and take in a moment for all that it is worth. It also allowed me to tap into my inner thoughts and showcase them in ways that I would not have done otherwise. That is something I will take with me in various aspects of life.

I am truly happy that I decided to take this course and learn more about the art of haiku writing. I was able to not only enjoy all of the different haiku that were written by my peers, but also feel proud of the ones I created as well. Bre Johnson, Spring 2020

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