Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Dalton Glasco

Late Nights & Early Mornings

Dalton Glasco

In this book I am expressing some thoughts of college life. Most, if not all, college students have gone through late nights followed by early mornings. The best part is feeling accomplished and being relaxed the next afternoon and enjoying some time before starting all over again the next night. I discuss the cycle of hard work and dedication we all have accomplished while dealing with the hardships of life and to remember what was once an easier time. I hope you enjoy reading these haiku as much as I did to create them.

Short Bio

Early on I dedicated my passion to science and research. I loved the idea of creating new things and mixing chemicals to cause explosions or fire. Just the everyday thought of a kid in a general science class. As I grew older, I continued my passion and will soon attend graduate school for a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. To fill the time I had many hobbies, but only one gave me a passion to do more than just chemistry. Poetry is an art much like getting accurate mixtures of chemicals to safely complete experiments. Poetry works a different type of thinking in the brain and explores a creativity most scientists do not have time to use. As I push farther in my career, I plan to continue writing poetry and hopefully publish a collection of many different types of poetry. Haiku has been engraved in my mind after finishing a course at Millikin University with Dr. Randy Brooks. Therefore, I present you my first possible installment to my lifelong journey. I hope it shows the passion I have for this art and the remembrance of a lifetime.

early mourning
we revisit life
at grandma’s house

I dream and
you come visit
we go flying again

full moon
the old dog howls
back at his ancestry

a dog howls
at the full moon
my domesticated spirit animal

Growing up I always had a dog as a pet, and I fell in love any type of dog especially the bigger breeds. Once I got old enough to learn more about where dogs came from, I grew a passion towards wolves and the way they thrive in the wild. Along with the passion my grandma always told me I was the wolf of the family which meant protector and leader. I have always tried to follow that role and will continue to do so. Dalton Glasco, Spring 2020

the morning air
whistles through the window
harmonic chirps reply

I am person that loves late nights but will wake up to the sunrise. I also enjoy waking up on a spring day and hearing the world interact outside as most others sleep and dream for another few hours. The songs from morning birds and the cool breeze from my window is my alarm during the spring and I always feel refreshed after waking up no matter how long I slept for. Dalton Glasco, Spring 2020

the class filled
with conversations
i sit and listen to only you

a cool spring night
on a tailgate
a drive-in movie

the baby cries
into the monitor.
no its your turn

late nights
sneaking out
to go see friends

halloween night.
ding dong ditching
the neighbors

late night
caught thinking
a new life

among the stars
my mind wonders
into the darkness

I leave the darkness
to follow the moon

early mornings
late nights
the final semester

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.