Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jada Miller



Power of Love

Jada Miller

My name is Jada Miller and I’m a junior at Millikin University. My collection of Haiku talks a lot about love. I speak about the love I have for my mother and the love from a past relationship. I also write poems about significant times in my life that I remember vividly. I’m a firm believer that you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve come from. I’m thankful and grateful for every experience and every lesson that I’ve ever learned!

Global Haiku Traditions has definitely been one of my favorite classes this semester. Global Haiku really didn’t seem like a class. It was more of a therapy session. During this class, I was given the opportunity to write haiku and express my feelings, using my own words, without grammatical errors being calculated against me. The art of haiku has taught me that you can write, and it's okay if it was only meant for you to understand. Everything isn’t for everyone else to understand. You can stop in the middle of anything, think of a haiku and write it down. These are your personal thoughts you don’t have to share them with anyone. This is how you feel, and no one can tell you different. As I dive into my career, I will certainly take time to write haiku down and use them as my own daily affirmations and inspirational words.

~Jada Miller, Spring 2020

you can lead her to college
but you can’t
make her think

This was a favorite of mine because I believe it is true for so many different women. I believe parents push their daughters off to college, even if they don’t want to go. You can lead a young lady to college, but when she gets there you can’t make her think. You can’t force her to go to class, you can’t force her to be eager about class, nor anything else. I hope and pray that as time progresses that parents stop forcing their kids to college. It will save them a lot of money and time! Jada Miller, Spring 2020

a black man
learning to love himself
crazy, right?

This was my favorite haiku of the semester. Being an African American female, I see and hear a lot about African American men not loving themselves. We are in a time where more and more African American men are learning to love themselves, seek therapy and heal their childhood traumas. I hate that black men not loving themselves is crazy and I hope this curse stops one day soon. If I ever have a son, I will make it my duty to ensure my African American son loves himself! Jada Miller, Spring 2020

never motherless

In my lifetime, I’ve never been motherless. My mother has never missed a beat in my life. She’s attended every basketball game, every play and pageant, every graduation, every spelling bee and every other extracurricular activity that I was involved in. My mother never picked and chose when she wanted to be a mother. My mother has been in my life every single day for the past 20 years. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by and we haven’t spoken. So, I’m certainly grateful for my mother; a mother who never gave up! Jada Miller, Spring 2020

one day
I’ll have a
Partner, not Project

As I’ve gotten older over the years, I’ve learned that men want women to come into their lives and be there rehabilitation centers. I’ve also learned that I’m not a rehabilitation center for poorly raised men or a be a mother to the motherless. One day, I’ll meet a man that is a partner not a project. I would like to be with a man who matches my drive, my hustle and my energy. I don’t want to have to teach him how to be a man and most importantly how to treat me. So, this one is definitely a favorite of mine because I continuously revert back to it as a daily affirmation. Jada Miller, Spring 2020

life full of twists and turns
bumps and bruises
I live I learn


snow angel
crack kills

working out
in the gym
and my relationship

nighttime on main street
university gas station
crack heads asking for money

a campus full of students
I wonder who
is truly here for a degree


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