Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Michael Santos

Where Flowers Once Grew

Michael Santos

Writing haiku this semester has been a rewarding experience for me. I found new ways to really see the world around me, which is essential when creating detailed haiku. The reason I have chosen “Where the flowers once grew” as the title of my work because it represents an overall theme of my collection. When editing this, I notice my haiku vary greatly from dark to humorous. Haiku flourishes in the extremes of life. I hope you enjoy my journey from my first haiku attempt to the last of this semester. It has been a crazy five months.

crumbs on 
a cold pan
pizza gone

turned off
Black Mirror

wriggly worms
wiggle in my hand
sweet or sour

we laugh.
the moonlight
paints your face

sticky fingers 
a doughnut away
from finality


long trip home,
a lady bug 
my passenger

"a bad cold"
they said.
famous last words

wind blows
sending our
dreams to Oz

a mirror reflecting
the rest of the world
the glare in her glasses

allergy season
i swear 
i'm not sick

she smiles with
just her eyes now
new reality

marble floor
reflecting lights
her dance floor

my life choices
my sweat falling to the stage


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