Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Morgan Timmons

The Five Senses

Morgan Timmons

The Five Senses is a collection focused on haiku that stimulate the five human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Each haiku relates to a specific sense and brings it to life in just a few simple lines. When reading haiku, I find joy in feeling something from each piece of art, which is displayed throughout my writings in this collection. Each haiku is partnered with a sense or senses, but are open for interpretation.

Haiku and the art of poems was never something that I thought I would enjoy as much as I do now. Writing haiku is truly a hobby for me now and I look forward to continuing it as something that I frequently do for enjoyment. What I really pulled from haiku is just the things that it can make you feel, see, and envision when you read it. It is truly a short explanation that plants a picture or memory in your mind. Another thing that I learned from haiku is the different meaning that each person can get from just a few lines. I enjoy exploring other peers' views of a haiku because they can be so diverse.

While haiku is something that I have purely enjoyed, it has taught me things in different areas of my life. It showed me how to be more open-minded and open to different perspectives. It also taught me how to be more descriptive and visual, as well as showing me how to better convey thoughts. Morgan Timmons, Spring 2020

a string
pulled out of place
my favorite green sweater

This haiku brings me comfort and coziness. It brings me to when I am wearing my favorite green sweater and I just feel good in it. This haiku brings out the flaws in the sweater, but it has those flaws because it is so worn. Morgan Timmons, Spring 2020

time moves slower
as the steaming water
runs down my spine

This haiku is one of my favorites because it brings the feeling of the water and a steaming shower. This haiku brings me warmth and a lot of different scents to mind. Showers are just one of my favorite things, so I can feel this haiku more each time. Morgan Timmons, Spring 2020

open window
voices bounce between our houses
social distancing

I put this as one of my favorite haiku because it brings me a memory with my best friend. It brings the feeling of comfort and connectedness in hard times. This haiku really brings the vivid memories and it is one of the haiku that will always stick with me and this memory. Morgan Timmons, Spring 2020

sunlight peeking through
red leaves—
they wave to me

This haiku is one of my favorites because it brings me to my favorite season - Fall. I feel the energy of freshness and the crisp air of walking outside. I also think about the street I live on and the pretty leaves that it brings in the Fall. Morgan Timmons, Spring 2020

park place 
dressed up
a winter wonderland


I think of the sun
who gets to see you
every day

singing happy birthday
to myself
soap suds fly

the playlist
as I ring out my hair

the sun
frying me
and my depression


© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.