Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Paige Boomer



Sign of the Times

Paige Boomer

“a sign of the times” is a phrase to point something out that is a defining moment of life right now. A lot of these haiku are moments that defined my life. They speak on what my life has been like this entire spring semester of 2020. I was navigating the final semester of my senior year and then the disruption of life as we know it because of global pandemic. Everyone’s life as they knew it was gone. I was back at home and living with my family. This not how I thought it was going to go but it was just a sign of the times.

I think Haiku has brought a lot of peace to my life. I have been able to convey so many different emotions through haiku and I have been able to play with words in such a fun way. It was brought to my own attention that I need to be more playful with words. With each haiku that I was trying to write, I wanted to improve my vocabulary and I would challenge myself to try and widen my own vocabulary when I write my haiku. I think the haiku about nature were the ones that spoke to me the most. The haiku that involved the sun and softness made me relax. I was able to find a lot of peace through these haiku. I was also able to grow some of my imagination through reading some of these haiku. I loved to picture new stories and new adventures that these haiku would bring me on. I think that the only I wish I had grasped a bit more the different versions of haiku. I want to be more expressive with myself and with my vocabulary because I believe I have a very plain vocabulary and it needs to be expanded in order to express myself more articulately in the world. I enjoyed finding haiku and I believe I will continue to hold them with me as a center of piece and a point of comfort. Paige Boomer, Spring 2020

people watch
as I sit and sip my coffee
I turn a new page

I really like this haiku because I can imagine exactly where I am. I know exactly what I’m wearing, what kind of coffee I’m drinking, and what I’m reading as I people watch. I know what kind of mood I am in and I know that this day might be a perfect day in my books. It’s a break from my busy schedule and it is the perfect in between moment when I am not on my phone and not distracted by anything else. Paige Boomer, Spring 2020

he held me close
and I thought
I don't want this anymore

This is another Haiku where I know exactly where I am. I can feel this moment so significantly because I know what was happening. I was in a relationship that wasn’t a good one, but I was blinded by this toxicity that he was plaguing my mind with. I think the reason why I like this Haiku is because the memory is so specific. Paige Boomer, Spring 2020

quiet moments
lots of coffee
walks on campus

Coffee is a really big part of my life and I really enjoy it. It marks the potential start of a good day and I know that if I have it with me, I will at least have coffee. I wasn’t going through withdrawal during the start of quarantine, but I was needing some kind of comfort at the beginning of all of this. So my sister and I would buy JUGS of iced coffee at the grocery store and hope that would do us both good until we could actually get something from a coffee shop. It’s just better from a coffee shop. Paige Boomer, Spring 2020

the fog gathers
round the empty field
I wait

early morning 
she calls my name
will you take care of me?

wrap me in your story
take me away
from my reality

he's gone
he left
is it running through the airport kind of love?


tightly wrapped
the finger turns
from pink to white

i put on jeans
to feel something

tears stream down 
while i try again 
5 6 7 8

let's snuggle
till the sun rises
and I can give you all the belly rubs

crisp cool air
used to calm me 
nothing works anymore

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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