Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay 2020


Spinning Sparkles: a Half-Kasen

snow globe
teetering on the mantel
bright with memories

the fragility
of happiness

wrapping around
like a warm blanket

as I awaken

comforting silence
a smile
dragged out by friends

timely greetings
“hello friend”

a lifetime
of commitment
with their one love

swiftly erased
by the flow of black ink

water falling nowhere
frozen in the ice
cold exhale of emotions

as she drags herself
out of the darkened room

grandma’s cooking
the savory aroma
seeps in every pore

choking back the revulsion
of an upset stomach

frigid cold
icy windows
warm happy houseplant

swiftly knocked aside
by the deadly feline

messy hands
mechanically roll the dough
therapeutic baking

rising dough
uplifted spirits

an era
chasing happiness

to no avail

Emily & Nicholas Kemp



christmas morning
a fluffy white blanket
covers the front lawn

one less member
at the table

here with us in spirit
and yet
so       far        away

presents left
untouched for
those not present

somehow, somewhere
things are better

bright star shines overhead
wishing we could all be
together again

Grant Unruh & Bryn Sentnor



hardcover storybook
tiny fingers
on sticky pages

heads on pillows
tired eyes

night light ablaze
like the torch
of the hero

within the fantasy
the unimaginable

shallow breaths
during the climax

little minds rest
blankets tucked
adventure resumes tomorrow

Grant Unruh & his mother

Country Escape

a horse's neigh
her first memory

white paint peeling
off the wooden crossbucks

rotting loft doors
open peep holes
into her past

back country road
driving through an open field
longing for home

grass turns to hay
whizzing past her window

intertwining aromas
of barnyard must and sugar cubes
sweeten the air

Michellina McNaughton & Bryn Sentnor



A New Classic

a full orphanage
the smallest one
sneaks out

a stowaway
with the jolly old man

a long journey—
seven levels
of Candy Canes

gum on the street
free candy!

years learning
the family business . . .
just the wrong one

it’s Christmas Eve
he’s an angry elf

Danica & Sue Brezovar

Grey Lady

she shivers in the cold
like his arm around her shoulders

university library
ghosts litter the shelves

her spirit
drafts in old halls
the way to her resting place

coffee cup staining
forgotten manuscript
crop circles

icicles drip from
evergreen eyes

dawn’s shadow
whispering through the door frame
new moon

Mara Currens & Gwen Kwinkley







Pillar of Salt

dark clouds roll
wind pierces to the core
a cacophony of trumpets

end of times
no voices heard

thunder claps
the ground split open
valley of souls

aimless wanderer
searching for future
is there hope?

she clutches onto
the infantile corpse

holding her breath
she can’t look back
Sodom and Gomorrah

Kyle Jordan & Chloe Fisher

Ancient Roots

sizzling scent
he replaces the lid
and muffles it again

a belly laugh
and a full heart

stretching spices
hearts entwined
sharing one more meal

a post-dinner dance
she leads
the Victrola breathes

crackling and popping
stuck in a groove

ages old
their love
still fresh

Kyle Jordan & Stark Winter




Unfinished Dreams

log house
sunbeams illuminate
the ladybugs and wasps

oak banister
windchimes and knickknacks

tiny hands stirring
melted sugar and dye
plastic hummingbird feeder

rusted fire barrel for
chestnut basketball
field mouse leftovers

staring at smoke wisps…
garage roof

firelight under the stars
isn’t the darkness
a little less scary?

Maggie & Madeline Kusar

Labor Day Vacation

fresh pressed coral
her dress soaks in
ocean water

sand in the toes
of toddlers

stumbling through
tide pools
bruised knees

binoculars watching
dolphins soar above
r i p p l i n g waves

picnic lunch spilled
sand grinds against teeth

young and old families
walk the beach,
cool ocean breeze

Gwen Klinkey & Rebecca Murphy






a flower
small sun
amongst the grass

the sky opens
just for her

sun beams
the rays
radiate the warmth

spring breeze
with air
fresh and crisp

her petal falls
to a forgiving ground

the smell of lavender
the feel of sun
the sight of white clouds

Sadie Scott & Allison

Close to Heaven

lying in the grass
she glances at me
and smiles

moonlight or starlight
she reflects
with ease 

orion’s belt
connects the spaces
between us

I want to feel close
close to you
feels like close to the stars 

warm celestial bodies
above and below

I am on the ground 
I am in the sky 
I am everywhere with you

Bryn Sentnor (1, 3, 5)
& Maya Gomez (2, 4, 6)





The Unseen Good

playing dead
red eyes
through the night’s shade

mother opossum
shields her joeys

high pitched screams
the pack
chasing dinner

the neighbor’s dog
brings home a friend

dumpster diver
on a destructive path

big head, little hands
trash panda.

Danica & Nolan Brezovar

Early Morning

crossing mountains
each curve
closer to home

warm sun
gently rising

fighting against
bitter frost
on high branches

ice melting
orange rays on the snow

citrus perfume of
a Denny’s takeout cup

on the dash

Michellina McNaughton & Nicholas Johnbosco



Ancient Roots

sizzling scent
he replaces the lid
and muffles it again

a belly laugh
and a full heart

stretching spices
hearts entwined
sharing one more meal

a post-dinner dance
she leads
the Victrola breathes

crackling and popping
stuck in a groove

ages old
their love
still fresh

Kyle Jordan & Stark Winter

Apollo’s Tail

honey-drip eyes
in the curl of the couch
afternoon melts away

thunderstorm season
twilight in Mom’s room

park on a Saturday
thrill of chasing
apollo’s tail

hometown drive
windows down

school bus stop
daily homecoming party

wag slows
heartbeat thrum
best friend on four legs

Mara Currens & Gavin Clarke



Faded Memories

bare branches
my memories scattered
amongst the fallen leaves

dictionary pages
embracing the faded rose

old recipes
grandma’s handwriting
curls on the faded corners

pine box . . .
too big for my finger
brother’s ring

chubby fingers
a river of paint flows

hands interwoven
the brushstroke swirls
of her wedding dress

Ally Banks & Maggie Kusar

In the Cold Morning

morning dew,
breath leaves fog
on the window

frost on the car
scraper and defrost needed

fossilized leaves
stomped on by dogs
in coats

reflective vest
for passersby to see
in the morning darkness

man in a ski mask
with frozen eyelashes

street lights off—
sun over
the horizon

Rebecca Murphy & Joanne Murphy


Blue Night

The artist’s stroke
arms reach
across sky

silent portrait
with loud colors

carefully posed
all is still
she licks her lips

two eyes
the smell of the sun
she dirties his brush

yellow sun
blue night

amongst stars
the clouds swirl
taste of paint

Sadie Scott & Allison

© 2020, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.