Global Haiku • Fall 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez



Les Corbeaux


Adrian Sanchez Rodriguez

Les corbeaux. The crows. They might attack you, or they might leave you alone. Do not bully them and they will not bully you. You can be sure that my Haiku will not attack you. Unless . . . (most of) The poems in this work share some aspects with the crows. Some are aggressive, some are unexpectedly aggressive, some are the opposite. They might be mysterious. Some might even mention the animal, or species - who would have thought?

I decided to title the collection in honor of these birds, based on the feelings and emotions these selected haiku evoke. I like to think that they are somewhat mysterious, and unexpected in some way. They might take a sharp turn to who knows where in a brief moment. Do not overthink what you see, just let your mind see the picture and keep going - those are the steps to follow to avoid being attacked. Very simple, right?


steel birds
a warm sunshine
and six streams

grand finale
the echo was interrup
ted by an ovation

sitting in bed
patiently waiting
for the birds

a hole in my sock
the fattest of the goblins
at it again

grandma orchids
the stranger jumped
the fence

fly me to the moon
but this time just
leave me over there

back scratch
it kept going
after I stopped

trick or treat
a murder of crows
devour his body

foggy room
a creature in the broken mirror
sedis htob no ylgu m'I

body hanging—
kids take turns to hit
the piñata

his smile
under the respirator

he waddles across the
lonely street

attic sunries . . .
covered in dust
aviator sunglasses

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