Global Haiku • Fall 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Emily Kemp

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The Misfortunes and Marvels
of a Podunk Town

Emily Kemp

The inspiration for this particular series of haiku’s and rengay comes from both personal and peer experiences living in a small Midwestern town. As I was looking through the collection of haikus I had written since starting this class, I noticed a trend that many of them were based around the unique experiences everyone faces when living in a town full of familiar faces. These haiku encompass both the misfortunes and the marvels that many of my friends and I carry with us no matter where we move. There are many sides to it as well, so I focused on capturing moments of pure unrivaled happiness and those of deep sorrow. Everyone should get a taste of small-town living.

“All I’ve had to eat my whole life is dust storms.” -Katie smith when asked to describe small Midwest town living.

driving back
to her
House Of nightMarEs

movin and grovin
on the Venga bus
to six flags

comforting silence
a smile
dragged out by friends

the light flutter
of whiskers
in the dusk of night

fingerprint race track
a series of circles
again and again

jagged rocks reflect
on the tranquil water's waves
living in two worlds

warmth of wrinkled hands
slushies and popcorn at
grandma's house

a flower blooms
bared skin

404 not found
the man teleports

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