Global Haiku • Fall 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Gwendolyn Klinkey

The Space Between Raindrops

Gwendolyn Klinkey

The space between raindrops it’s something many people concern themselves with. In the storm of life people often miss the spaces between the moments that build our lives. The compact nature of haikus makes them just the right size and strength to slip into the nanoseconds between breaths and examine the world in smaller slices.

the open garage
cigarette smoke fills
the space between raindrops

butterfly rests on a stone
mom whispers

father-daughter dance
Rhododendrons, tansy, and narcissus

you showed me your face
the stars shone
from your eyes

my heart aches for you
hidden in envelopes
sent across the stars



half-grown rose
the artist
sets down her brush

All Saint's Day
he passes through the veil
3 AM

pokemon and chalk
i can't

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