Global Haiku • Fall 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sophia Zinger



Red Spoke

Sophia Zinger

Red Spoke is a collection of haiku written by Sophia Zinger. I chose the poems within it for many reasons. They are the ones I feel express the most in the fewest words, they have subject matter that can be read between the lines, and they express the most emotion. The title of this collection is based upon a haiku
poem I wrote (it is included). This poem is one of my favorites of the semester because it carries a double meaning. It deals with material items, and also with manifestation. It reminds me that there is a lot of strangeness to be found in simplicity. In what is.

I love haiku because it deals so much with what is. The more present one is, the more one is able to notice the world. To me, writing haiku is a means by which to notice the world. I hope I did that, if only a little bit.

One last thing that I have learned, if slowly, about studying haiku is to be light. Haiku writing should be fun and enjoyable. Sometimes one needs to take a step back and practice not taking things so seriously. Nothing will get done if one’s grip is too tight. And life is going to keep barreling forward anyway, so one might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. As I continue on in life, I am going to do my best to keep this spirit at heart. I feel so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to study haiku.


paws on my back
a small meow in my ear
a needed cat nap

red bike
I spoke and it

last schedule looking good
heart pounds


black plague
black plague
Renaissance turning

washing dishes
in the sink

an angel came today
and whispers
everthing will be okay

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