Haiku Attempts 09 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2021


nowhere as fun
as where you're
not supposed to be

Priscilla Sabourin (6)


painting on a smile
I laugh and say
what makes them love me


your brushstrokes and mine
in the sky

Trinity Pesko (7)


leaves fall
turning to dust
winter’s reaping

Shay Buchanan (5)


hush now
the tea is boiling

Trinity Pesko (6)


count down ‘til midnight
to submit an essay

Trinity Pesko (7)


shifting eyes
looking at everything but
the homework

Priscilla Sabourin

I really enjoyed this haiku because it is relatable and just brought me laughter. As a nursing student I don’t have much homework, but I do have to spend countless hours studying every night for the exams. Sometimes I forget to do other homework because I am so focused on doing well in my nursing class. However, sometimes just getting the mental strength to sit down and do homework is also difficult. Overall, this haiku really embodied not just college students but all students in general. Diana Hernandez, Fall 2021


showing off
for nobody but me
your audience of one


speaking freely
not in hand


one fork
where there used to be three
a small smile


dry heater air
the cold side
of the bed

Paul Cushman (4)


studying together
absolutely nothing

Nathan Gallop (9)

I absolutely love this haiku. It literally feels as if it was written about me. I have such good intentions when I sit down to study with a friend, but sometimes it can be so hard to focus when they are just sitting across from you—FULL of conversations to be had and jokes to be made. I definitely put effort into focusing so my friends don’t write me off as a study partner, but there are some late nights when I’m feeling particularly delirious and I can’t seem to focus if it could save my life. Anything can be turned into a joke or an unnecessarily deep conversation. I should probably check my grades and reevaluate this tactic, but until then, it keeps me sane. Priscilla Sabourin Fall 2021


train whistle
your eyes take me

Nathan Gallop (6)


I’m taking it back
taken aback
takin’ a back

Nathan Gallop (5)


open door sunset


the world slows to make me
think I can catch up
test day


family I know well
calls me names
I don’t remember

Nico Velazquez (6)


through the window
the reflection of the moon
in the toilet water

Nico Velazquez (7)


trail of slain lovers behind me
I’m the problem

India Guerrero (9)


spending the day
in her shoes

India Guerrero (6)

I especially liked this haiku because I felt that it described someone appreciating the hard work that a female figure in their life does on a daily basis. I pictured my mom or step-mom because they are both successful women who I look up to and they don’t complain about how hard they work or how much they take on. I also liked how the third line is “blisters” because the haiku doesn’t really mean that much without it, but one simple word can depict so much about how someone is feeling or what their thoughts are. Reece Brown, Fall 2021


4.5 billion years
the Earth has existed
we are but a blip


when I grow up
I want to
fill out a change of major form?

Maya Gomez (8)


I wonder
if I’ll have a happy ending
child’s pose

Maya Gomez (8)

This haiku feels like it’s directed at me in both a funny and a sad way. It just feels so personal because I’ve definitely sat there doing yoga wondering how life is going to turn out. It’s funny how your mind kind of wanders into all kinds of thoughts while you’re sitting around stretching, trying to relax. I do often wonder how things will turn out for me. It feels like everything is so up in the air, which I’m sure is how everyone in their twenties also feels. That’s probably why this haiku hit home for people though. It feels like my own thoughts, which in my opinion is a great haiku. I also like that child’s pose was chosen specifically because it makes me think that the person who’s thinking these thoughts is going back to a childlike state. They’re thinking about happy endings, like a princess, in child’s pose. It has really good wording to make you think a little bit beyond the words. India Guerrero, Fall 2021


I no longer fear
what you’d think of me
phases of the moon

Maya Gomez (8)

I love the use of the word “phases” in this haiku. Perhaps there was a phase where you did fear what someone thought of you, but that phase is no longer. We all change. We all have phases, some better than others, some where more of our true selves are brought into the light, just like the moon. This haiku is simple, but it resonates in a serene way—the way in which you wash your hands of somebody and feel nothing but the cool touch of water. Trinity Pesko, Fall 2021


get your tickets
they’re going fast
the crickets’ chorus


the sexiest
sound around:

Emily Nicholas (5)


immortalized by poets
Bach, Beethoven, Brahms
and the autumn breeze


don't> look>
at her
(ey) (es)

Mason Hoyt (10)


dead men's laughs
the only thing that
keeps me going


spectacular performance
from the narcissist
all saints day


six feet under
the worms
my confidantes

Bailey Banks (6)


first sip of white wine

Bailey Banks (5)


bird call
your train runs through
our tracks


dish of the gods
in the back of the fridge

Bailey Banks (4)


still skin on skin
tracing circles 
on your shoulders

Bailey Banks (5)


one night stand
your body angled
like a renaissance painting

Bailey Banks (6)

I love the imagery of this haiku - it’s so beautiful in my mind. The image of a renaissance painting is so ethereal, colorful, other wordly. It almost makes me think of angels in a way. That’s why I especially love that it’s mixed with the gritty image of a one-night stand. That’s probably one of the least angelic things you can do; the least beautiful and ethereal. It’s not magical like those paintings. It just seems like a really great haiku juxtaposition, and I think it was a really smart choice. On the other hand, the renaissance was about the human experience on earth and indulging in earthly desires, so the images pair nicely in that way. It’s just a really good haiku. India Guerrero, Fall 2021


mistletoe hanging by the front door
we walk into my grandma’s house . . .
not happening

Reece Brown (7)


the Vietnamese woman
doing my nails . . .
my new best friend.

Reece Brown (5)


turkey on Thanksgiving
almost as good as
a grandma’s kiss


first generation student
my mom explains
I can’t afford trouble

Diana Hernandez (8)


I kiss my grandparents
See you next time?

Diana Hernandez (8)

I resonate deeply with this haiku. Believe it or not, I have not experienced the death of a family member in a time where I’ve been aware. Like, my grandpa died when I was two, and my aunt died when I was five, but I have no memories of them that I remember. I trust people when they say that I was my grandpa’s little princess, but I wouldn’t know. Lately, I’ve been dreadfully anticipating getting a call or text telling me that a grandparent has passed. My grandparents on my mom’s side are getting older, and their memory is not doing so well, so lately, I’ve just been cherishing my time with them and hugging them a little tighter when I leave. Allison Durham, Fall 2021


my baby girl
shielded from
her skin


sundress sleepover
the smell of

Reece Brown (4)


children unearth
a hidden treasure


morning sunshine
paws on my chest
and wet kisses on my face

Reece Brown (4)

I really enjoyed this haiku because it was talking about a dog. It brought back the happy memories I had with my dog before she passed away. My dog was my best friend and having her wake me up gave me comfort in knowing that she was always going to be by my side. It took a long time to adjust to living without her, but this haiku made me remember the happy times with her. Diana Hernandez, Fall 2021


a heavy thud
I expected
something hollow

Shay Buchanan (5)


holding your hand
as i accept my role

Priscilla Sabourin (11)

This haiku is absolutely heartbreaking. I read this and imagine liking someone so much but knowing that they have feelings for someone else. At that point, what do you do? Continue being with them, hoping they’ll get over the person they’re in love with, or break off any chance with them? Reading this haiku, I assume that the author has decided to hope for the best with this person, but they deserve more than that. I felt every emotion poured into this haiku. Allison Durham, Fall 2021


touch that lingers
from the person
who never stays

Priscilla Sabourin (6)

This was quite a sad haiku to read. I imagine this was from the perspective of someone who has an anxious attachment style and is unable to healthy depart and connect with people. Nico Velazquez, Fall 2021


whispering the same things
that you told them
temporary high


rabbit in the night
resisting the urge
to pretend

Shay Buchanan (4)


big gourd
little stem
oh poor vine


ink drying
my love letter
crumpled on the ground


focusing on my career
the fateful
“u up?”

Bailey Banks (5)


asking for a printer
instead of a pony
a sigh from st. nick

Bailey Banks (7)


new restaurant back home
how did i
grow up too fast


rekindling the fire
my match doesn’t strike
your spark

Alison Durham (4)


1992 Jeep
giving you a ride

Bailey Banks (7)


first kiss
i trick myself to think
this finally means something

Bailey Banks

I don’t know if you’re a very big enneagram person, but I am a type 4 through and through. When I had my very first kiss my sophomore year of high school, I made it a much bigger deal than it needed to be. Not in a normal teenage way, like immediately telling all of my friends and squealing all night about the details, but in a ‘crying because I am now forever separated from a version of myself containing the childhood innocence of never having kissed somebody in a romantic way’ type of big deal. I also insisted that it only be a peck because that’s what I assumed your very first kiss ever should be. I can’t explain why but I felt very strongly about this. To the boy I liked at the time, this was just a split-second kiss shared with a small girl with glasses and braces, but to me, it was an intense moment packed with hundreds of emotional emotions. So yeah, I really tricked myself into thinking it meant something. Priscilla Sabourin Fall 2021


Christmas eve
fighting with your mother
about fucking Ed Sheeran

Bailey Banks (8)

I loved this haiku because I found it very relatable and also hilarious. The first line opens up with a setting which gives us an idea of the season and weather. Then, it continues on to describe how someone is feeling about the situation they are in. This person is obviously annoyed, but also most likely finds humor in the argument which I just find so funny and similar to all family gatherings. Reece Brown, Fall 2021


shattered glass
picking up
your pieces


after after party
the mirrorball
without light to reflect

Bailey Banks (5)

I love me some good Taylor Swift, and this was a phenomenal song choice. I often find myself trying to match other people’s energy at parties. If they seem interested in having a conversation, I’m all in, but if they don’t seem interested, I try to cut off conversation as quickly as possible to give them an out. I find myself (as I’m sure almost everyone does) having more energy or laughing louder at jokes when I’m with people that I want to like me. It’s easier to be shiny and bubbly when there are other people to bounce off of or to give you purpose, but when you find yourself alone again at the end of the night, there’s nothing left. Although you still have the ability to glow in each piece of shattered glass that covers your skin, you can’t do it alone. No matter how bright you may have glistened during the night, you always wind up back in the dark when the night is over. Priscilla Sabourin Fall 2021


it’s complicated.
panning for emotions

Daniel Clear (7)


secret ingredient 
was never
in the recipe


the deep conversation
I take in the view

Alison Durham (4)


if only
your mother knew
used ABBA album

Trinity Pesko (8)


the other side of the blinds
their red solo cups
my cup of tea


soggy earth
her hair curls
a mushroom in moss

Trinity Pesko (10)


radiator heat
open window breeze
storm front at my desk


taking me shopping
why can’t we have a real conversation?

Alison Durham (6)


a cheaper drink
than alcohol
sleep deprivation

Nathan Gallop (9)


the elephant in the room
doesn’t go out;
people just ignore him

Nathan Gallop (5)



Nathan Gallop (7)


sing us a song,
you’re the piano man—
it’s your job

Emily Nicholas (7)


I only wake
to set the next alarm


in your arms
the old factory
returns my smell

Nico Velazquez (9)


squirrel skitters on stones
I distract him
with mindless chatter


Mom’s hand
finds my heart
vicks vaporub

Nico Velazquez (6)

This is another haiku that hits home for me. My mom used to always put Vick’s on my chest any time I was sick when I was little. The smell of it to this day brings me back to my childhood and the comfort of being cared for by my parents. Those memories are so nice, even though in all of them I was sick. When I read this haiku, I image myself rubbing that same jar of Vick’s (probably long expired, but literally the same one) on my chest at 21 years old. It really does feel like I’m that little sick kid again being taken care of by my mom. It’s like she’s there putting it on my chest and tucking me into bed. It’s a very true haiku to me. India Guerrero, Fall 2021

This is another haiku that relates to a mother figure and I find this haiku to be so sweet. When it comes to being sick, mothers (for the most part) always prioritize their children and put their needs above their own. Growing up my mom always was there for me when I was sick, no matter how inconvenient. With this being said, my absolute favorite part of this haiku and what I think makes it so special is the second line, “finds my heart”. This was such a sweet way to describe this simple task of rubbing VapoRub on someone’s chest and I felt it brought in a deeper aspect of love between the child and mother. Reece Brown, Fall 2021

I really enjoyed this haiku because it made me remember intimate moments shared with my mom. Whenever I was sick my mom would rub Vicks VapoRub on my chest until I fell asleep. I used to hate the smell but now it provides comfort whenever I smell it. Even when I was away from college the first time I got sick I immediately went to the store to buy Vicks VapoRub and felt slightly better. Diana Hernandez, Fall 2021


carved turkey
on a paper cutting board
we give thanks


turtle shell
my gender is not
a costume

Mason Hoyt (7)


candle light
out of passion


splatter paint
no island
is without its history

Mason Hoyt (4)


moonlight illuminates the frost
chess board
your move

India Guerrero (7)

I love this poem. I imagine two people out on a late night date in the moonlight. It’s the moment just before they’re about to kiss or where one just gets the nerve to ask the other to be their partner, but the author is deliberately waiting for the other to make the next move. Perhaps they made the last move and are making sure that the other is just as invested. New relationships are exciting, and I remember the struggle between being passionate in the moment and strategic in progressing the relationship. You want the person you’re with to be just as into you as you are into them, and this haiku encapsulates that. Allison Durham, Fall 2021


January wedding
kisses his new wife


sheer stockings rolled down
moonlight creeps in
bathing her bare skin


lavender eyes
you sip your tea
like god made the oceans

Maya Gomez (8)

I honestly don’t have the greatest idea of what this haiku means, but I still like it. Lavender eyes is such a beautiful image, as purple eyes are very rare genetically. “you sip your tea/ like god made the oceans” could mean many different things, though. It could mean that the way you sip your tea commands such power and such reverence that it is as if God was creating the oceans. Or, it also could suggest that the narrator and “you” were having an argument about religion, and they sip their tea smugly after winning the argument about whether or not god created the oceans. Trinity Pesko, Fall 2021


shadowed by you
step out
into the street


brick by brick
the phone ringing
through stark halls


fresh hair cut
your phantom curls
at my cheek

Paul Cushman (5)


tuck us in
let’s grow together


laying in the grass
outside The Woods
a packet of Plan B

Maya Gomez (14)


shark bleeds
in the fishing trap
communion wine

Mason Hoyt (6)


whatwillifind in yourhemisphere

Mason Hoyt (6)


I reach the summit
of Aspen


new moon
dust settles
on the horizon


out of body
I slap myself

Diana Hernandez (4)


names waiting
to be replaced
by someone better

Diana Hernandez (8)

This was a toxic haiku but directed at oneself. When i gave the prompt “what would like to say to the people in your life as the toxic person in theirs?” I imagine this person took that as “what do I want to say to myself” I’m sure this person has their own values that make them important to people in their life they aren’t quite aware of yet. Nico Velazquez, Fall 2021


tap through puddles
on the rest of us

Daniel Clear (3)


learning the curves
of your waist
Fibonacci sequence

Bailey Banks (10)


forgiving you like
chewing on tinfoil
chocolate coins


lone drive to idaho
dream catcher on the rearview
hasn’t caught a thing

Bailey Banks (4)


a change in her eyes
unknown underwear
on the ground


autumn sunset 
blasts of orange and pink 
rotten ozone layer 


plants gathered on the dresser
do they know?
they’re keeping me alive

India Guerrero (9)


large fall leaves
brush against my hair
a gentle giant's hand


self help book
quite useful
as a coaster for my wine

India Guerrero (6)


gazing in those eyes
knowing one day
I’ll watch them shut

Emily Nicholas (11)


clothes hair shoes coat go

Emily Nicholas (8)


strawberry chapstick
bare chest

Bailey Banks (4)


no meaning
I know, but
we all dream . . .

Nathan Gallop (9)


my List grows longer
I choose . . .
The Office


hands bruised
a battle with imaginary germs
under the sink


crack in the floor
the next flight home


am i beautiful?
will he touch
my lower back?

Priscilla Sabourin (7)


a crooked hand
the covers
pulled tightly around you


grab my hand in the dark
light the path home

Priscilla Sabourin (8)


praying mantis
there is no up
or down side


upcoming auction 
my photographer
tells me to hold still

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All rights returned to authors upon publication.