Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Allison Durhan




Dance with Me, Darling

Allison Durhan

Allison Durham is an aspiring choreographer, director, and casting director; little did she think that she could even attempt to be a haiku poet. Nevertheless, over the course of the fall semester, she fell in love with haiku, using the art to express and heal herself through the low points of the season. As a result, she wrote Dance with Me, Darling, incorporating poems from past assignments of the Global Haiku Traditions course and personal writings. She wanted to write a book that captured what it means to be Allison Durham. From her artistic instincts to her love of food and even the silly little ideas swirling in her head, she writes down everything in three lines (more or less). She hopes that you enjoy this haiku collection, and stay tuned for any future collections!

a cold beer
at New Years Day breakfast

old friends
in a new light
“I didn’t know you smoked”

midnight on Merchant Street
a slow dance
under the Christmas lights

christmas lights
the stars
we didn’t destroy

like I did in high school
food freed(om nom nom)

hair toss, check my nails
baby, how you feeling?
like absolute shit, Lizzo

queen of broken hearts
used to be a shooting star
when did I become so dark?

into your arms
I wake up

my tummy hurts

rekindling the fire
my match doesn’t strike
your spark

tossed your way
spare change

choking on tears
she squeezes me tight
our last hug

ink drying
my love letter
crumpled on the ground

weekly panic attack
waiting game

bat in the attic
potential vampire boyfriend?


in the flame of your gaslight
only to be proven right

red skin blisters
the roof of my mouth
burns from your kiss

months and months
of crunches
slightly visible abs

the twisted paradox
a God complex
and body dysmorphia

1:00 am
dimly lit parking lot
dance with me, darling

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.