Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Mason Hoyt

A Coat of Paint

Mason Hoyt

dedicated to my mother, Jeannette Bonjour

The title refers to my desire to fill ANY space I can with art. I have so many empty canvases, blank notebooks, and other bare slates waiting to be filled. I often imagine art I'll never execute, and haiku was an art I finally DID manage to execute.

bricks lay barren
begging for a coat of paint
or two or three or four

fan blades spin
and bring me back to life
modern day Lazarus

sleeping medusa
what secrets lurk
in the eyes of men

bold strokes
am i a Van Gogh
or a Pollock

little jackalope
what do you say to someone
who says you don't exist

howler monkey
am i coming on
too strong

hibiscus flower
wilts without supervision
i thought i knew you

home-cooked meal
i can do this on my own

maybe i clogged it
but i also un-clogged it
so I'm the hero

don't>  look>
     at her
   (ey)  (es)

shark bleeds
in the fishing trap
communion wine

turtle shell
my gender is not
a costume

all my demons
manifested in one place

thrift store
grandfathered in

unchartered waters
are you as lost
as I am?

power cable
at last my world
is complete again

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