Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Paul Cushman

Haiku Collection

Paul Cushman

Paul Cushman is a senior musical theatre major at Millikin University who enjoys reading, writing, and feeling things a little too deeply. Well maybe he doesn’t quite enjoy it, but he certainly lives with it. In his haiku he often writes of love and loss with a special emphasis on the auditory sensations surrounding the words spoken aloud.

flying across the room
in a shimmering dance
all pointed toes

fresh hair cut
your phantom curls
at my cheek

so far so good
to know

empty room
the way i left it
the way you left me

through the practice room window
autumn wind
out of tune

crack in the floor
the next flight home

when our lips part
yours pull upward
the tiniest smile

sun beam
the tilt
of your inquisitive brow

committing to memory
softly spoken sonnets
evening's dark

tattoed hand
the light switch
on the way to your room

open door sunset

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