Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Reece Brown



As the Sky Begins to Lighten

Reece Brown

Family has always been one of the most important aspects of my life which is why I chose the title "As the Sky Begins to Lighten". This phrase comes from my family and memories of them that have inspired most of my haiku. My family has always been there for me in my darkest and lighter times. This collection has a variety of haiku - some funny, some sad, and some inbetween. The haiku are somewhat in chronological order corresponding with my life. I hope you can relate several of these to your own life.

about the author:

I am a sophomore nursing student at Millikin University. I am also a part of the Women’s volleyball team. I was born and raised in Kankakee, IL and have two younger brothers. In my free time I like to play sports, travel, go shopping, and grab Starbucks!

orange and purple vtech
dora the explorer couch
dora the explorer game

walking into the sunset
orange, pink, yellow, blue
wondering how far I'll go

syndress sleepover
the smell of

laughing and telling stories
we are still gathered around the fire
as the sky begins to lighten

even if heaven
had cell service
it wouldn't be enough

an extra handful
to the kid trick-or-treating

mistletoe hanging by the front door
we walk into my gradma's house . . .
not happening

burn book
you're my very first page

moonlight over our heads
Class of 2020
painted in red on the The Rock

I return to campus yet again
a new normal
yet again

your strong, callused hand
seems to fit with mine
just right

laundry room
I find out
I am going to be a big sister

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