Either Or Haiku to Edit 01

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2023

hundreds of water droplets
I open my eyes

silence in the house
time to shower



the blue hue
from my window
scolds me for being awake

peaking from the shutters
pale blue
scolds me for being awake

how to love yourself?
listen to your body
and she will listen back

staring at myself
glass shatters
a girl loves herself

the moon is full
I look up
to where you transported

glowing moon
its shere you



dreams broken
fantasies fade
I didn’t mean to wake up

dreams fade
fantasies broken
I didn’t have to wake up

a full moon 
it was supposed to be bigger

a full moon
I wanted it to bring more 
than disappointment 

long way to go
walks to class 
easier with you 

long walks to class 
easier with



hurtful words
her bullies do not hold back
welcome to middle school

hurtful words
her bullies are back
for another year

books sit
awaiting their day

awaiting their day
books lay

sacrificed like a pawn
desired like a king 
ruling of equal custody—again.

both a pawn and a king
parents playing chess
ends in a draw



cool rain touches
warm skin
forgotten umbrella

cool rain
on warm skin
I’m glad I forgot my umbrella

a gift from a mother
only worth $15
the best gift i’ve ever received

gift from my mother
from the clearance aisle
the best gift i've ever received

young girl with no friends. 
older self-lost
gummy bears were . . .

a young kid
                  very lost . . .
gummy bears



tac in the wall
poster decorating empty space
easily removable

easily removable
the tac holds
halloween decorations

today, a swelling sea 
stretches to the sand
return to the oasis

swelling oasis
stretches to my toes
I wave goodbye

brain stutter—
no, wait—
retry carefully.

covid brain—
no, just excuses;
breathe & retry.

stop— don’t—
you can’t— negatives—
Let me breathe.

and in the stillness
your smile glows on
bright as star dust

and in the stillness
amidst the stars
your smile continues glowing

crisp evening air
amongst the stars 
I see your smile


© 2023, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.