Haiku Kukai 08 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2023

Autumn & Miscellaneous Haiku


through my window
orange leaves wave at me
I put on a pair of tights

Bella Birdsley (7)


cold apple cider
a dash
of mom's Fireball

Kaia Garbacz (13)

This haiku gives me a lot of sensory and imagery. For some reason, I can see a young girl with her mom taking a walk. The girl is just old enough for her mother to offer her the smallest bit of fireball, and of course, the girl takes it expecting to get drunk. But the mom doesn’t give her enough to get intoxicated, just enough to feel cool. On this walk, leaves are scattered all along the sidewalks, and it is just two girls enjoying their time together.


candy corn
stuck in my teeth
the best time of year


frozen dewdrops
catch the morning sunlight
silver spiderweb

Skylyr Choe (7)


fresh roasted coffee
maybe she’ll try pumpkin
in her latte


thick cardigan sleeves
bloodless fingers
just barely peek out

Skylyr Choe (6)


doesn't matter
grab the vacuum 

Sean House (4)


the cream-colored sweater
swallows me whole
a fall breeze

Kailyn Coates

While not mentioned in class, the vivid imagery in this with “fall breeze,” “cream-colored,” and “swallows” are a perfect example of a good haiku. I can picture my brand new target sweater pressing against me from the wind. It isn’t so vivid that it scales it down to an individual reader, but the haiku isn’t too undescriptive that it doesn’t make sense. Perfect! Eden Niebrugge, Fall 2023


all depressing
maybe shouldn't say
anything at all

Sean House (4)


annual hay ride
we debate
the perfect pumpkin

Madelyn Letourneau

This haiku brings up a lot of nostalgia of going to the pumpkin patch as a child and trying to find the biggest, most consistently orange, and roundest pumpkin. You beg your parents for the hay ride, and they give in, like always. You spend the whole time with your eyes peeled for that perfect pumpkin so that you can beat your siblings there. This poem is playful and feels very cozy. Kaia Garbacz, Fall 2023


fall candle
burnt down to the wick
October yet to begin

Leah Flint (7)

I like this haiku because it is relatable. Fall is my favorite season so I try and manifest it early even when it is still like 80 degrees outside. I am also not allowed technically to have candles in my sorority house, but I light them anyway. The scents of fall are very nostalgic for me so burning candles is a way to bring that feeling into a space. The haiku says October hasn’t begun yet so knowing the weather is still very much summery makes this haiku more relatable with the anticipation of fall. Maddie Alger, Fall 2023


warm apple cider
seeps into my chest
home again

Madelyn Letourneau (4)


a carved out mouth
with an empty head
I look good today

Elijah Jamison (8)


old texts 
the only evidence
that you loved me


grandpa’s knitted sweater
sleeves past my hands
still keeps me warm


routine becomes
walking ghosts

Anna Quick (7)


first a shiver
then a cough
the leaves are shifting


lay out the perfect sweater
I can’t wear
at home

Grace Brixa (9)


pumpkin pecan waffles
my mom’s 
favorite scent 

Cami Jones (6)

This haiku had interesting words in it which initially drew me to it. I had never heard of pumpkin pecan waffles so that initially drew me to enjoy it. Then my mind went to why this is the mom’s favorite scent. It is possible that they only make these waffles on special occasions or something like that. It makes me as the reader rack my brain for instances like this one. I enjoyed making a comic strip of this haiku because the imagery it produced was exciting and easy for me to imagine. Grace Brixa, Fall 2023


apple cider
a weekend
with new friends

Eden Niebrugge

This haiku brings me back to my first semester of freshman year at college. Halloween is right about the time you start settling in with your “serious” friend group. I vividly remember finally feeling like I had found a good group of friends at school when we spent a day doing fall activities which included lots of apple cider. Fall is just always a time of change, and when you’re starting college, that time of change brings a whole new set of people and environments. Tanner Essex, Fall 2023


the ghost of you
spooks me
I take a break

Anna Quick (5)

Bouquet haiku


family tree
the frosty branches

Tanner Essex (8)

This haiku is a lot deeper than what it initially seems at first. At first , I just thought of a tree going into winter and losing branches because of the season. But then, when I realized that the breaking off of the branches was a metaphor for a family, it added a layer to the haiku. I wonder if this means that people are literally dying in the family like the tree branches in the winter, or if relationships are being severed resulting in a snapping off and cutting of ties. Grace Brixa, Fall 2023


Christmas lights
shine on freshly fallen snow
safe on the couch


christmas season bouquet
of lilac lilies and ombre roses—
symbolizing peace


engraved stone
the perfect bouquet 
left behind 

Madelyn Letourneau (7)

I like this haiku because of the sentimental meaning that associates with it. When reading this haiku I think of all the people in life that I love that have passed away and I love how it is a tradition in society to leave something so beautiful to represent our love and show we still care and love them even if they are not physically present with us. Elly Hermanson, Fall 2023


a card peeks 
from the leaves 
your handwriting 

Madelyn Letourneau (5)


bouquet of words
sprouting from
my tongue

Eden Niebrugge (9)


petal by petal 
hand picked 
for you 


wrapped up and cozy
a holiday with you
my deepest desire




cozy up by the fire
safe in your arms
let this feeling never end


christmas day
fuzzy blanket
only one pair of legs

Madelyn Letourneau (3)


Christmas tree
hot chocolate 
snuggled by the fire


threatening to spill
family tree hauntings


not a holiday 
he said the bouquet was
just because 

Kailyn Coates (8)


flowers after a show 
from my dad 
means the most 

Hugs Haiku


don’t want to let go 
but know 
you need to grow 

Kailyn Coates (6)

This is probably my favorite haiku out of them because of how many different meanings and situations this haiku can relate to. I am also a huge believer in putting yourself first because people always come and go and you need to be strong on your own first. Elly Hermanson, Fall 202


sweet escape
enclosed in your arms


you hug me
at the perfect moment
answer to silent prayers

Leah Flint

This haiku is very similar to one that I wrote in my bouquet haiku, and I just love how this embodies the human need for a hug. The first line “you hug me” is so simple and straightforward and it really encapsulates that point I wanted to make with my “Haiku and Hugs” project. At face value, we can see people hugging and not think anything of it. But, we’ll never know how those two people felt when they hugged. The idea of being hugged in the “perfect moment” really elaborates on the idea of hugs having a specific purpose and intent. I just love how this haiku really encapsulated our connections between “good haiku” and hugs. Tanner Essex, Fall 2023

This haiku made me so happy. I felt myself smile while reading it because it really is the best feeling when you need a hug, and the perfect person comes along and gives it to you. I have gotten to be that person for someone else, but I have many times needed the hug and my loved ones know just when I need it. It is love, comfort, and nostalgia in a haiku. Cami Jones, Fall 2023


comfortable silence
your arms find their way
around me


horror movie
pretend to be scared
so you will hold me

Maddie Alger (6)


I try to remember
the last time
he carried me


sweater weather
an excuse
to be held

Elijah Jamison (11)


enveloped in your arms
finally catch my breath
to breathe you in

Bella Birdsley (4)


bone deep tired
melts away
with her embrace

Skylyr Choe (9)

“Bone deep tired” perfectly describes how I have been feeling this semester. This haiku reminds me of my mother and her ability to pick me up when I am down. For that brief moment in her arms, my worries and exhaustion slip away. This is not the only person who can do this for me though. My boyfriend does this beautifully. I have found it beneficial to have him hug me whenever I get too overwhelmed, the tightness and pressure over my whole body genuinely makes everything go away for just a moment.


the hated uncle
i look for my mom over his shoulder
awkward hug

Madelyn Letourneau (10)


no space left
for doubt
the long hug


time and space
can't keep
us apart

Winter Haiku


the hum of city cars
sloshed snow
cast on my boots

Eden Niebrugge (6)

I love the setting of this haiku, both in time and place. While the writer is in the lights and hum of the city, they are also in the time frame a few days after snowfall- when there is no longer white fluff but a gray slush mixed with dirt and oil. This haiku has a sense of urgency, of purpose- they are walking to go somewhere and braving the gross texture of the snow for it. Kaia Garbacz, Fall 2023


cracked hands
thaw over the fire
shadows play hide and seek

Bella Birdsley (7)


below freezing
the air seems warmer
when I’m with you  


crisp breeze
blows snow
blurring vision

Elly Hermanson

Maybe I just like that people use the word “breeze” in haiku, but I also really like the imagery in this one. When we discussed what makes the best haiku, we mentioned no lists; I think this haiku could’ve done a list to describe the breeze, but it wouldn’t have worked best. Crisp breeze almost sounds refreshing, but as you read more, it’s apparently that it’s not, and I like that little surprise. Eden Niebrugge, Fall 2023


falling identities
a snowman

Anna Quick (9)


falling slowly
into the comfort
of my angel

Grace Brixa (5)


snow up to the door
nowhere to go
back to sleep

Sean House

The fact that they say there is nowhere to go but they go back to sleep is such fun irony. The feeling of not having to get up to go anywhere is such a rare moment but it is such a great feeling. I can feel the warmth under the sheets in comparison to the freezing cold outside. I can’t wait for our first snow here. I am from North Carolina so we get maybe one snow a year which is usually more icy anyway than real snow, so I am looking forward to when it starts snowing here. Maddie Alger, Fall 2023

This one is definitely more of a list, but instead of objects, it lists occurrences/things. Because of this, it works nicely. This type of “listing” feels like you’re awoken at 7am, groggy and barely awake, deciding if you want to go out. It fits better than expected! Eden Niebrugge, Fall 2023


falling backwards
into the arms
of my guardian angel

Skylyr Choe (5)


pinecones in snow
mom made
hot chocolate

Sean House (4)


winter night
fingers of the bronze man
so cold


wind bruised nose
came early this year

Bella Birdsley (5)


a sky so grey
it almost looks yellow
slipping on black ice

RPG Video Game Haiku


diving in,
sparkling darkness
surrounds me

Eden Niebrugge (5)


lost in Hyrule
my mom begs me
for directional help

Anna Quick (4)

With this one, the first line and then the rest of the haiku evoke different memories. The first line makes me think of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as that's the only Zelda game I've played and it holds a special place in my heart. The rest of it reminds me of getting my mom to play games on her own and since she's not used to the controller she needs help with how to use it. Sean House, Fall 2023


rainbow road
cartoon sound effects
falling into space

Randy Brooks (5)


birds sing
reminding the hero
of his princess

Anna Quick (5)


golf with Dad
my Mii
comes in last

Leah Flint (6)

I really like this haiku because it reminds me of going to my dad’s. Since my parents divorced, and my siblings and I live mostly with my mom, seeing my dad is special. He really values time with me and my brothers, and part of that time is playing games together. We are all competitive, but my brothers and dad more than I and I often end up losing. Madelyn Letourneau, Fall 2023


screen time
quarantine love


(mario cart) 

swerving in and out 
I need to level up
to beat you 


(Animal Crossing)

long day's work
squinting past the waves
to new horizons

Tanner Essex (6)


(Sky children of the light)

Moths take first flight
ancient memories float
in the wind


victory in sight
a blue shell
sparks an argument

Maddie Alger (9)

This is a silly haiku that I liked a lot from this batch. Tanner said it in class I think, but you blame everyone for the blue shell even if no one in the room threw it. Playing Mario Kart, especially with people you are close with, can get very heated very quickly and it is easy to point fingers fast, so arguments start. I always started arguments between me and my siblings over it. Cami Jones, Fall 2023


breath of the wild
running across the plains
to escape the moblins

Skylyr Choe (4)


points tally 
the last stretch
pulling through to win


the glow of a screen
all I have left
of you

Madelyn Letourneau (6)


welcome to Night City
real edgerunners
never fade away


bonding moment
we all play wii
at nana’s house

Fan Fiction Haiku


burned your novel
on thin ice
your arms resurface me


trying to recreate
the love
seen in fiction

Anna Quick (14)

Reminds me of when I tried to write an expansive story before I hit the writers block that I've had since my high school junior year English class. Sean House, Fall 2023


holed up in my bedroom
4am on the clock
two men flooding my mind

Anna Quick (4)


“Addicted to You”

two control freaks
with a common goal:
to kiss the sky

Anna Quick (4)

This haiku immediately caught my eye because it is based off a book series that I love. The series is long, but it is so amazing. Also, having read the series I know that “kiss the sky” is the title of one of the books, and I loved the way that Anna combined it with her haiku. It felt like a very short summary of some of the characters in the story, and I thought it was very fun. Madelyn Letourneau, Fall 2023


The Walking Dead Reunion

“the new guy helped us”
he glances up
a forever embrace


(The Last of Us)

fireflies light
the blood stained hospital
car speeds away

Kaia Garbacz (5)


Arendelle is the home
fun,cold, and emotion
“Hi, my name is Olaf!”

Ny Scott (4)


in love with reading
or maybe just

Madelyn Letourneau (7)


running gloved fingers
through his hair
the bleach burns their noses


crushed letter in hand
Dynamight tries not to cry
beneath the cherry trees


sweat dripping 
hard work
is everything to me


spy who gets it done
family found
where there was none

Sean House (4)


(Percy Jackson Lightning Thief)

unforgiving shoreline
edge of neglect
what is wrong with me?

Tanner Essex (9)


(Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

fire ignites her wings
in her eyes . . .

Leah Flint (8)


escape real life 
with made up people 
I feel safe

Cami Jones (6)

This haiku could pertain to reading but also to theatre. I could read for hours on end without realizing how much time has gone by and the same goes for theatre. Most people go to the theatre for an escape from real life and for comfort. We love hearing about other people’s lives and that is a similarity in both books and theatre. Maddie Alger, Fall 2023

I swear to god books are the only true escape I have in this world. I relate to this haiku so much, and it reminds me so much of myself. I read so much over the summer, and it was so therapeutic. I honestly wish I could forever live in a fictional world. Like in the haiku, a life with made up people feels so safe to me.


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