Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tanner Essex

Find myself,

Tanner Essex

This semester I pushed myself to find nuance in tiny moments that would pass my by if I didn't make a point to write them down. There are so many beautiful moments in life waiting to be discovered, but they'll be passed on to the next person if we don't take time to notice. Good things come to those who notice. Haiku has taught me to immortalize tiny moments by creating meaning through beauty. Find something beautiful and write it down, otherwise the moment is lost.

I've chosen this specific collection because each of these haiku represents a tine moment (good or bad) that I found beatuy in . . .

blanket spreads to the river
your giggles
pair well with sage

boyhood thief
deemed himself
a heavenly body

rock myself to sleep
echos of
you are not enough

loud crash in the kitchen
paw prints
on the counter

room of infinite mirrors
forced to dissect
the nuance of myself

father and son
talk about the future
bitter-sweet snack

incandescent moon
from cloud to cloud
you dance

return to the mountains
find myself
lost in the woods

my castles crumbling
he pulls me from the rubble
high above the whole scene

~ found haiku from Taylor Swift's "Call It What You Will"

your punching bag
what I would give
just to stop

~ found haiku from Taylor Swift's "It's Time to Gol"

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