Haiku Kukai 02 names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2021


four wheels
two generations
bound by blood


duck family
swims in harmony
they are the blueprint

Crystal Claros


not the skyline view


it's closer


tiny bugs running
on a mission for food
get out of my purse

Crystal Claros


rainbow above
I walk
the cemetery

Brandon Lockhart

I love how this haiku brings so much positivity to a n ordinarily dark setting. Cemeteries means death and devastation and rainbows are happy and full of life. There is a beauty in tying those things together. The image of a person walking through a beautifully lit cemetery is so hopeful. We tie death and loss, a very serious and sad subject, with only negativity when there can be positives to celebrating a persons lived life. What a good reminder. Crystal Claros, July 2021


bag of string beans
a snap chat with grandma
in the shade

Randy Brooks


awaken . . .
fresh morning dew
on the trampoline

Brandon Lockhart


hide beneath the pine tree
with sticky hands
and cigarettes

Brandon Lockhart


pale, paper thin skin
vibrating hands
eyes like a child's

Crystal Claros

This haiku is really neat. There is a big contrast here between the pale, paper thin skin and vibrating (shaking?) hands and the eyes like a child. One seems to describe an older person and the other clearly indicates a child. The deeper meaning I am taking away from this is the significance of an older person maintaining their childish wonder. Brandon Lockhart, July 2021


on her hands and knees
praying and cleaning
just like her mother

Crystal Claros

I found this haiku to be really interesting. It speaks to the woman inheriting traits or habits from her mother, like religion and work. I feel like this goes to speak on the power of influence passed down from each generation before us. I also found it to be clever how praying and cleaning would both put someone on their knees. Brandon Lockhart, July 2021

I love this haiku because is mixes the sacred with the everyday. I get the sense of power and determination being passed on between generations and the awareness of the cycle. I also feel for the migrant experience which is full of hard work and spiritual hope. Randy Brooks, July 2021


from the pew behind us
holding in a sneeze

Randy Brooks

This haiku immediately took me to church. The imagery created from this one was really good. It’s really clever and relatable because all the women wear perfume at church and everyone is trying to be quit while the minister is speaking, and I can recall that feeling of trying to hold back a sneeze at church. This haiku is clever and fun. Brandon Lockhart, July 2021


log to log


oh, holy father
forgive me
I have lived

Brandon Lockhart

I love how scandalous this one is!!! To a lot of people who follow religion strictly, it seems that anything that isn't preying can be sinful. I love that this poem challenges that idea. I am not religious or anything but I recently saw a video online about how someone was begging their daughter, who had been dating her boyfriend for over 5 years, to repent her sins and immediately get married after she moved into a house with him. They sent paragraphs, used emotional manipulation to guilt their own child for simply moving in with her boyfriend. She was simply living but to her very religious family it was one of the worst sins, as she was not married yet. I think this poem has a perspective that really captures that. Crystal Claros, July 2021


comb my hair
brush my teeth
make someone proud

Brandon Lockhart

This one his so close to home for me. At age 11, my mom left my family and it had to grow up and go through everything without her. There were so many moments, so many things I did on my own that I had to figure out like doing my own hair. My dad cut my hair short because I never knew what to do with it. This haiku reminds me of that time because I wanted to at least make myself proud if no one else.Crystal Claros, July 2021


of yesteryear
forgotten games

Drew DeLor


a trophy in glass
eyes of children
staring at ghosts

Drew DeLor


green light 
no hesitation

Drew DeLor


wind kissing my face
and sneaks into my jacket
I wish I could fly


childhood friends
having children
I just turned 21

Crystal Claros


I see him in her pupils
      soft like a marshmallow
stay little forever

Crystal Claros

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