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Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2021


old wedding photos
a glass of wine
kisses her lips

Crystal Claros

I imagine a woman relaxing on the couch drinking a glass of her favorite wine looking through her wedding pictures. The haiku really spells out what is going on clearly. I like this one because I’m not sure whether she is happy or sad. The mystery piques my interest. She is drinking and people tend to drink for different reasons. I like to think she is happy, reminiscing her big day. Brandon Lockhart, July 2021


        inhale deeply
release the tension
last smoke this time

Brandon Lockhart

We all have our bad habits and with this haiku acknowledging one that is seen as horrible, it tells the reader what this person is going through is high stakes. The line “last smoke this time” is so honest. I especially love the space before “inhale deeply”. To me it is through this persons perspective. The space in the poem is the space in their mind, the time period it takes for them to ultimately decide to do this. I can really feel this persons regret and conflict. Crystal Claros, July 2021


birthday card
don't look
at the cash


his cologne
on lingerie
that isn't hers


he puts in earbuds
to tune out
his mistake

Crystal Claros

This haiku is all too real. This especially resonates with my younger self. With this haiku you could imagine tuning out any mistake, but I imagine breaking up with a girlfriend and then feeling remorseful about it once she starts dating another guy. All of a sudden, you feel regret, but you’re too prideful to do anything about it. Besides, she’s with someone else now. You would look so foolish. At this point music becomes an effective distraction. Brandon Lockhart, July 2021


steamy hot iron
maneuvers his buttons
a tear escapes

Brandon Lockhart

I really like how this one mentions a tear. This to me has a double meaning, as there could be a tear where the buttons are or a teardrop in his eye. It makes me feel like this person is trying to cover up something, most likely his emotions. I imagine a man getting ready for something after having a fight or reflecting on a bad time with a loved one. His life is imperfect so his control comes with getting himself cleaned up nicely. Crystal Claros, July 2021


roasted coffee
lingers inside
performance enhancing mug

Brandon Lockhart


self isolation
same kitchen, same room
what is life


paper planes
another worry
flies away

Crystal Claros


tangled cables
Dad's Atari
never turns on


Scooby Doo fruit snacks
the blue ones
always my favorite

Crystal Claros


covered in dust
in the garage
The Lion King VHS tape

Crystal Claros


last day on earth
cured depression

Brandon Lockhart

I am reminded of the song “As World Caves In” by Matt Maletese. It is about how the world is ending so they are going out in style with a point of view they should have had before things were over. This poem makes me wonder if the person in this poem is ending their own life and that devastates me. The whole concept of this persons perspective being shifted as a result of it being their last day is so sad. When reflecting on stories about those that have been suicidal, a common symptom is being extremely depressed until they make a date to end things and their mood shifts to beaming happiness. They feel ending it will be freeing so that’s the feeling they carry until it is over. It is a tragic perspective but I appreciate how this is put into words. Crystal Claros, July 2021


midnight movie night
she shows her son
the real Willy Wonka

Crystal Claros


grocery shopping
      kid cuisine
      has evolved

Crystal Claros



wide black eyes
his small green hands
rest on Din's cheeks

a final goodbye
"I love you"
"I know."

betrayed and blinded
you did
what you were meant to do

cold mist on skin

purple sunset
both moons
slowly rise

attractive little grin
       scruffy looking
       nerf herder

the galaxy
in her eyes
"you're my only hope"

Crystal Claros

attractive little grin
       scruffy looking
       nerf herder

This haiku is awesome! It creates a vivid image for me of a nerf herder from Star Wars but honestly one of my favorite things about this haiku is the wording. I love the word choices here and the way that it flows off the tongue. It’s fun! Brandon Lockhart, July 2021


autumn rain over Facetime again I tell my boyfriend


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