Rengay Attempts

Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay Attempts 1, June 2019


An Eventful Day

sun shining
sound of a ball
off a wooden bat

he turns his back
and walks away

cheering loudly
music starts to play

naked mole rat
crawling away

I scream!
ice cream

returning home
we hit a HOME RUN!

by Alysa Doneske
& Raisa Zamacona

A Day on the Boat

a wind

the tube
blows away

a large boat
coming my way . . .
I yell for help

I hope he turns

the sun beating down
on our faces—

applying lotion
tanning intensifier

by Alysa Doneske
& Adam Peters





Saturday Night

old friends gather
discussing life
saturday night

an empty seat
among a tight-knit group

the TV casts
a beam of light
on her face

a televised tragedy
with silence as a reply

popcorn stops popping
from the kitchen
all have abandoned

a salty scent
wafting through stale air

by Dan Dolphins
& Emily Boes

A Day in the Park

the duck splashes
in the pond

hot dogs
on the grill

a child slides
down the yellow slide
embrace the bright

blue ice cream melts
on his shoe

a little boy weeps
for the first time
that day

looks around
and she’s gone

by Dan Dolphins
& Jordan Divers

Real Estate

flickering flames
bring a pleasant scent
to the room

mask the garbage
rotting meat

figures drift past windows
readying the home
for visitors

stand and wait
for a lack of movement

one figure
blackens the window

raise an arm
and wave

Emily Boes
& Tressa Rudolph

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