Global Haiku Tradition • Tan-Renga 2019

deep lake
painted red with sunrise
coffee’s warmth

trickles down
my throat

Emily Boes & Alysa Doneske

he speaks
my mind goes blank
while I apologize

for something
I never did

Emily Boes & Alysa Doneske

front door steps
nervously waiting upon . . .
what I’ve been waiting for

the letter that says

Alysa Doneske & Raisa Zamacona

the sound of the bass fills
my ears . . .
makes me feel alive

spectators bump
and rave to the tunes

Dan Dolphin

work all day long
checks bank account

afford a snickers
or maybe a twix

Raisa Zamacona & Dan Dolphin

a reflection
staring back at me
wondering why

she looks nothing like me
an imposter

Alysa Doneske &Dan Dolphin

he throws back another
one too many
liquid courage

he approaches the girl
you’re in my english class, right?

Raisa Zamacona & friend

restless night
stomach knots
I’m on another planet

I wish tomorrow
would be over already

Raisa Zamacona & friend

house at the beach
birds sing songs
to the sound of the waves

blissfully ignorant
to the taste of salt

Raisa Zamacona & Emily Boes

staring at a blank screen
pretending to walk and talk
. . . a women ventures home

the empty sidewalk
concealed figures

Dan Dolphin & Emily Boes


my friend
in the passenger seat
bet you can’t get over 90

flashing lights
bring us to a stop

Dan Dolphin & Emily Boes

eye of the tiger
blasting headphones
motivation to move faster

shoulder to shoulder
with a stranger

Dan Dolphin & Emily Boes

the crack in the cave
projects moonlight
on your face

our goodbyes
fill the empty space

Dan Dolphin & Emily Boes

throwing her necklace into the casket

no one is watching
room is silent

Emily Boes & Raisa Zamacona

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.