Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2019

vacation on a beach
tide is full out
tide is full in


a warm sunny day
ice cream melts
dogs play

the boat's wake
we lay on a tube
speeding fast

musty and bright
a Chopin etude sounds through
padded walls


first day of school
backpack full with books
ready to learn

house at the beach
birds sing songs
to the sound of the waves

muscles that ache
and breathing is metallic
run . . . boy . . . run


moonlit songbirds
pencils scratch new creations
onto paper

pop pop pop
the plastic bursts
from dad's bubble wrap

a cold room
the fluorescent light
sings a lullaby


the sound of the bass fills
my ears . . .
makes me feel alive

wheels spinning
down the driveway
an elbow scrape

crisp autumn air
pumpkin carving
sipping apple cider


grandma’s house
smells of food baking
eating chocolate-chip cookies

tag you're it
from a little girl
running away

damp earth
you emerge from the soil


my beautiful mom
     soft smile
her arms are open

jingle jingle bells
the cat is lying
on top of the couch

winter gathering
the snowmen
come back


despite the room
filling with laughter

a wall of names
a child’s mind

the smell of beer fill the hall
students cram
for finals


freedom to work
in the art class
the chatter of students

long and tall desk
mom and I check in
at the dentist office

patiently waiting
my name is called
for X-rays


sitting nervously
heavy apron upon me
news blasting

the last one . . . I tell myself
the last time . . . I tell myself
. . . one more won’t hurt

staring at a blank screen
pretending to walk and talk
. . . a women ventures home


rainbows in the blood of a sunken ship

buttons click
while the TV glows
through darkness


filtered sunlight
sleeping dog warms up
his favorite spot

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.