Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2019

a short hallway
covered in picture frames
dimly lit


grocery store
only needed two things
hands full of six bags

into the clouds and beyond
wondering why him

little girl
copies my every move
she wants to be just like me


chicken and veggies
this is boring
I just want pizza

atop a plastic bin
rumbly purrs

summer breeze
a fruity treat
numbs my tongue


driving down the highway
dead bugs cover my windshield

the clerk moves
each item
across the scanner

the tree
is starting to die
it weeps over the house nearby


a soldier from Afghanistan rolled down a hall

a reflection
staring back at me
wondering why


not a person in sight
not a sound to hear
her fate is in her hands

scrolling through Instagram
“you are all caught up”
switch to twitter

strong arms
wrapped tightly around me
murmuring words of love


one hand on the wheel
the other on his thigh
Teenager in Love

gleaming light
for all to see
in the darkness

summer night
at a baseball game
beers and best friends


on the edge of my bar stool
30 seconds left
Blues win!

ice cubes rustling
water droplets

work all day long
checks bank account


black robes drape down
porcelain masks
glisten with the light of fire

a sea turtle chokes
on the plastic
you used . . . ONCE

smells of gingerbread
enter my nostrils
grandma's home


strings clinking together
brisk winds
cool me down

they drift in space
looking down on the earth
it has lost its glow

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.