Haiku Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2019

musty earth
the gravedigger
slips a ring into his pocket

small scratches
making halos
around streetlights

sagging cushion
perfectly fitted
to my back

35 missed calls
270 texts
all from mom

the apple separates
from the tree
that gave it life

beautiful, yellow
wings ablaze — fly fly

a lonely full moon
even in shaky cold
blushing in a winter night

shattered beneath them
an urn

hood up
on the subway
please quit talking

laying peacefully
a cold kiss
to the forehead

my beautiful friend
gone forever—
just me now

a butterfly
lands on his shoulder . . .
she's here

loneliness seeps in
she dared to look away
a mountain top

eating alone
in the car
music echoes outside

the skin—
smooth and fresh
summer rain

he lights his cigarette
blowing the smoke
in the wind

trees whipping
back and fourth
a thunderstorm

glancing up
from my controller
where did he go

freezing rain
collecting in droplets
in his hair

smooth stone
pressed into my hand

homecoming weekend
I watch the festivities
on snapchat

she looks for
answers among

the tired old
spare change?

daddy’s traveling
he forgot to say
happy birthday

lying on grass
sunshine on my skin
what a perfect day

sunshine on a summer day
cars racing by
my quaint little street

the kids all play ball
she sits on the bench
in a summer haze

speaking to the toad
she lifts it
eye to eye

a white rose I hold
clothed with the sun light
shape of love she is

thump thump
lovebirds hit the window
one flies off, a widow

i see the
man from my porch
flowing breeze

walking in the footprints
of the father
tide coming in

doing homework and
soaking up the sun
while I still can

stained towels
I peek up into the mirror
all new hair

I hope I don’t see

the racoon digs
through the neighbors

a night with friends
we forgot about
our phones

grinding metal
epic battles
enjoyed from the couch

here he comes
Here He Comes!!

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.