Haiku Kukai 4 - Final Kukai!

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2019

summer breeze
a rope swing
rocking itself

shallow puddles
a child stomps
creating waves

expired milk
a heavy splat
down the drain

I dive into second
safe with
a dirt pile in my pants

the stoke
of the bat
see ya' ball

good game
good game

a desk calendar
with important dates
long since forgotten

        one step

spets owt

pictures painted
with printer ink
warm paper

naptime with my puppy
we share stories
about daycare and treats

we don't need chocolate
or a man
eyelash curlers are enough

popcorn and pj’s
we battle to see
who can burp louder

airline commercial
an aria
about murder

empty auditoriuim
the pianist plays
a waltz

dark forest
the wind
speaks words of love

bridge over troubled water
their song
at her memorial

muddy sandals
watermelon split open
with friends

salty popcorn
zero to zero
in the ninth inning

dark room
squeaky sound

daddy’s shoulders
he says i’m the tallest
girl in the world

wind blows
after killing . . .
that 3-hour run

she danced for the talent
everyone laughed

friends eat together outside
for me
my car . . . alone

the orphaned child
awaits a return
never to come

bullets wiz past
the only ones to learn

her face covered
in tattoos
her head in the clouds

glow from the moon
shines on
a path of self love

one hand above
one hand below
playing a Bach toccata

full moon
illuminates ashen skin

ducks speak
across the pond
an English horn

a long way from Oz
Wicked Witch
of the West Coast

crying turns into
the sunflower blooms

her husband's affair
had no affect
glossy red lips

a rest broken
by a cough

the low rumble
of cellos

the couple held hands
they could
never let go

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.