Global Haiku • June 2019
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alysa Doneske

The Voice Inside My Head

Alysa Doneske

I started writing haiku because of Randy Brooks Global Haiku class I took in the summer of 2019. This class was a week long course but I wish I had it all four years here at Millikin. Since I read the first haiku of the class I was hooked and wanted to learn more about them. Gradually my haiku got better as the class went on and boy did I love to write them. As a child I was also taught that there were three lines with 5-7-5 syllables in each line. Coming to Dr. Brooks’s class I learned differently. In all honesty however you want to write your haiku just makes them all that much better in my opinion.

I have created over a couple dozen haiku in the course of seven days. Mostly all of my haiku come from either my personal experiences or something that I have seen in my life. Most of the haiku are vague or really relevant to the readers because I want my readers to understand fully what I am trying to convey to them. These haiku that I included in this collection, personally, I believe that these are the best that I have written. The title of the collection “The Voice Inside my Head” was chosen because all of these haiku came directly from the voice in my head retelling me these circumstances in my mind. The voice was string enough that I needed to get the thoughts down on paper to become something more than a voice and memory in my head.

wind blowing
musical lyrics flowing
a runners high

into the clouds and beyond
wondering why him

a familiar smell
takes her back . . .
a cemetery

his secret lover
speaks out
to Her

front door steps
nervously waiting upon . . .
what I’ve been waiting for

a butterfly
lands on his shoulder . . .
she's here

shattered beneath them
an urn


wheels spinning
down the driveway
an elbow scrape

the perfect pitch
right down the middle . . .
a home run!

good game
good game

I dive into second
safe with
a dirt pile in my pants

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.