Global Haiku • June 2019
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Geoffrey Diver

One Big Struggle

Geoffrey Diver

Dedication: I would like to dedicate these poems to my sister, Jordan. She has struggled, like we all do, and come out on the other end stronger. Jordan was even the inspiration for my starting poem. Thanks again sis!

I decided on the title “One Big Struggle” because my poetry followed a theme of struggles. The struggles have come from general world views to my own personal experience. I am very concerned for the planet so you will likely notice some political agendas within my poetry. I want my words to inspire others to take a stand and fight for what they believe in. Enjoy!

staring at a blank screen
pretending to walk and talk
. . . a woman ventures home

the last one . . . I tell myself
the last time . . . I tell myself
. . . one more won’t hurt

crowds holding signs
chanting . . .
what they believe is right

adrift in space
looking down on the earth
it has lost its glow

he lights his cigarette
blowing the smoke
in the wind

eating alone
in the car
music echoes outside

the tree
is starting to die
it weeps over the house nearby

the orphaned child
awaits a return
never to come

she danced for the talent
everyone laughed


bullets wiz past
the only ones to learn

her face covered
in tattoos
her head in the clouds

her husband's affair
had no effect
glossy red lips

a long way from Oz
Wicked Witch
of the West Coast

crying turns into
the sunflower blooms

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.