Global Haiku • May 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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The Beauty of Life

Highs, Lows & Everything Between

Tanesha Williams

There’s always the highs and lows of life. Days where you feel like you are on top of the world and others where you feel like the gum under one’s shoe. Life is filled with a plethora of experiences that are unique for each individual and serves as a roller coaster of emotions. We are constantly faced with factors, both, in our control and out of it that we adapt to and work with. I know we all wish we could go through life unscathed, but it is those moments that make us stronger and build character. It is those moments that teach us valuable lessons and make us more aware of our surroundings internally and externally. Life is not perfect, but it is what we do and how we react to our environment that makes a huge difference. The people we cherish and hold dear to us make it worthwhile. We often say “see you later” as if each day is promised when in reality, it is not. Live each day as if it’s your last and don’t take it for granted. Whenever you get the chance to try something new, go for it. Feel the thrill, feel the adrenaline, feel what makes you human!

Here I have a collection of my favorite haiku that stress and emphasize the importance of the words above. You will see what it feels like to be in love, to be hurt, to be scared, and so much more as those are the inevitable characteristics of life. All of my haiku were written from my own personal experiences and how I was feeling right there in that moment as my fingers glided across the keyboard. My intentions were to be completely genuine and honest, leaving myself vulnerable to anyone who read as they were taking a step into the thoughts that run in my head on a day to day basis.

For me personally, I’ve always tried to look at the deeper meaning of things and this course has truly helped me fulfill that desire. As a result, it made my perspectives stronger and meanings came to me so much faster than before. I have also been able to be more expressive in a comfortable environment making me more open to discussing how I feel to others. After reading so many haikus from people all over the world, I noticed that we really are more alike than we are different. We all go through the same things at one point or another just in various ways.

at peace
I am
a true nature's kiss

quickened heartbeats
I Love You —
those three little words

the stars shine
now that you're there

anxiety —
the buzzing bees
inside my chest

can’t say goodbye
holding onto him . . .military
will I see him again?

he waves from the bus
kids, it will be okay

Jacey Centola & Tanya Vaughn

she sits on her bed
swinging her feet
my heart warms

pigtails bounce
missing her two front teeth

Tanesha Williams & Tanya Vaughn

I will not hide who I am—
you can not take that
from me

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.